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In about 200 BC, Ctesibius of Alexandria invented a hand pump able to deliver water to a fire and it is known that the Romans used bucket chains, buckets passed hand-to-hand to deliver water to the fire.

In 1723, in England, the first fire extinguisher was patented by chemist, Ambrose Godfrey. It used a fire-extinguishing liquid and gunpowder. Upon ignition, there would be an explosion, which scattered the solution. Its efficiency in stopping a fire in London was documented by Bradley’s Weekly Messenger on November 7, 1729.

 Inventor of the fire extinguisher...

George William Manby
Born: 28-Nov-1765
Birthplace: Hilgay, England
Died: 18-Nov-1854
Location of death: Great Yarmouth, England
Cause of death: unspecified
Remains: Buried, Hilgay Churchyard, near Downham Market, England

Gender: Male
Religion: Anglican/Episcopalian
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: InventorMilitary

Nationality: England
Executive summary: Invented the fire extinguisher

Military service: Cambridgeshire Militia
Father: Matthew Pepper Manby (captain)
Mother: Mary Manby
Brother: Thomas Manby (naval officer, b. 1-Jan-1769, d. 13-Jun-1834)
Wife: Jane Preston Manby (m. 1793, sep. 1801, d. 1814)
Wife: Sophia Gooch Manby

    University: Royal Military College, Woolwich, England

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Type of Fire Extinguishers
Class A Ordinary Combustibles 
Class B Flammable and combustible liquids 
Class C Flammable gases 
Class D Combustible metals 
Class E Electrically energised equipment 
Class F Cooking oils and fats 

Dry Chemical

  • The dry chemical fire extinguisher uses a variety of chemical combinations, but it works by projecting a powder that prevents the chemistry of heat, fuel and oxygen from igniting. An example is sodium bicarbonate, which is common for a kitchen fire extinguisher.


  • Foam works by putting out a thick blanket that smothers the fire, cutting off the oxygen supply. It is usually only effective for basic, combustible solids fires, but the more advanced kind is useful for combustible metals.

Carbon Dioxide

  • Another common fire extinguisher uses carbon dioxide, which packs the combination of cooling the fire while replacing the oxygen supply with a non-combustible gas. Halon is a popular cousin of the carbon dioxide extinguisher.

A good fire extinguisher will last up to 10 years on standby, but annual or semi-annual inspections should be done to be sure they are ready for use in an emergency

 Fire extinguisher facts..

Fire Extinguisher Facts: 
Extinguishing Agents If you’ve ever used a dry-chemical fire extinguisher, you know what a horrible mess that corrosive white powder leaves behind. If it gets inside an engine, you must disassemble it to prevent that nasty powder from destroying expensive parts. Conversely, HalGuard (Halotron 1) is a rapidly evaporating liquid that is both noncorrosive and nonconductive, so it’s a good choice for fighting electrical (type C) automotive fires or those involving liquid (type B). In terms of size, larger is always better, especially for any decent-size garage.

Fire Extinguisher Facts: 
Size A good way to evaluate fire extinguishers is to compare their ratings, which are tied to their size. For example, Kidde’s Pro 340 dry-chemical unit is rated 3-A: 40-B-C. Compare this with Kidde’s smaller Pro 210 with ratings 2-A: 10-B: C. The higher the number, the greater the efficiency. In this case, the Pro 340 is rated higher basically because it’s larger, with 5.5 pounds of chemical versus the smaller unit’s 4 pounds. The ratings are only used on A- and B-type fires. C-type extinguishers are not rated.

Fire Extinguisher Facts: 
Price Of course, an extinguishing agent this good makes the HalGuard fire extinguishers more expensive. But consider the $300 to $500 investment as cheap insurance that allows you to knock down a small fire before it turns into a conflagration that could transform your shop and cars into charred ashes. All you have to do is think of how foolish you would feel if your shop became a smoldering wreck and your buddy asked you why you didn’t have a good fire extinguisher.

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