What Is Success, And How To Make Your Biz One.

 How to have success online...

For the purpose of this writing, Success in your Business is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and the attainment of Profit. After all, this is why you are in business, to accomplish something great, to make a profit, to provide a much needed service to others, and to live out your purpose in life. So if you can accomplish any and all of those things, then you have attained Success. And when it comes to what Success is, you must do everything possible on your part for you to attain it, for your Biz to reach it, and even for all your dreams to become successful. So today, I intend to share with You, 3 key things that you must always do, so that Success will never have to elude You

What Is Success, And How To Make Your Biz One? First: Market Yourself At All Times.
And whether you realize it or not, You are the Business, You represent the Business, You speak for the Business... All because The Business is just a name and a representation of whoever has created it. And so whether you are an employee of that Biz, a manager and even the sole owner of that Business, you must always, at all times, be marketing the Business through yourself. And that means wherever you are, you must always first build a rapport with any and all potential clients by holding small talks, that will then be directed toward what you do, and then leading into you handing out your business card. And I tell you, Do Not, just meet someone in public and just hand out your business card, because that is failure to the max. And that would be like a guy seeing a very beautiful lady who dresses very conservative, and he just pushes on the horn of his vehicle, and then yell in traffic Hey, let's go on a date... Chances of him succeeding are one in a million. So again I say, first build a small rapport quickly with someone, create a connection and a small need for your services, then hand out your business card to promote yourself and your business at all times. 

Also market yourself and your Biz wherever you are, and in whatever format you find yourself at the time, and it doesn't matter whether you are Online or Offline, first integrate yourself into a conversation, and offer something supportive, then plug in your Biz. Also when you are in a restaurant, don't forget to promote your Biz Website in small conversation with the person who is waiting on you, and that way others at the other tables will hear that short Website address. Additionally, advertise everywhere it is Free to advertise, Hotel Lobbies, Laundromat, Supermarkets, Local Parks, Local Events, Business Luncheon, Online Forums, Social Media Circles, Email Messages, Pay Per Clicks, Pay Per Impressions, Pay Per View, Websites,... and anywhere else there is an opportunity for you to have a presence, Promote And Market Yourself And Your Biz, So You Could Attain Success.

How To Make Your Biz A Success? Second: Stay In Front Of People Constantly.
Research shows that the average person must see something at least 5 times before he or she buys anything, especially if it is something they were not looking for. And so for you, you may have to give that same person your Biz Website address 5 times, before they come and check you out. You may have to approach another Business that you want to do Business with about 5 times before they agree to see you, or do business with you. And the same goes for Newspaper advertising, for Email campaigns, for Social Media postings, for all other forms of advertising. 

Third way to make Your Biz a Success: Go As Far As You Can.
In order for You to dominate any field, you must go as far as you can and as high as you can. So remember this when you are looking for new clients, because you may have to speak to other people who are in their circles, you may have to go over their heads and just allow them to help you get access to that top individual. You may have to go all out with an Ad campaign in order to be noticed, like getting the biggest Billboard with the most outrageous message on the Highway of your local City. You may have to give some things away to people who are in real needs, and have them do all your advertising for you by having long lines like Black Friday. You may have to create some high controversy, (That you can live with) and just let The Press or News media spread word about your Biz, and then capitalize. Just Think, Just Be Creative, Just Be Intuitive, Just Be Visionary, And Definitely Just Be Fully Committed In All That You Do...Then, You Will Know What Success Is, And Attain It In Your Biz... Your Business Coach, James Dazouloute

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