What Is Love... That I Have Fallen In It. A Poem

What is love a poem..

Why is it that no matter how many times I have been hurt, I have been betrayed, I am still hungry for Love?. And why am I addicted to this Word? Yes this Word that is Love, why does it raise up so many emotions in me? And why does Love share a thin line with Insanity and with Hate? For if I am taken care of, than I love enormously, but If I am betrayed, then that Love quickly crosses over to Hate... Why, Why, Why???

What Is Love? What Is The Meaning Of Love? What Is The Purpose Of Love? What Is That Feeling Of Being In Love? What Is The Connection Between My Heart And Love? And Who Am I Without Love?... Oh Me! So many unanswered questions I have in my heart and in my head. Oh My Needs! So many things I want from Love... Who Can Help Me?

And I know that the Experts say that Love is a word... A word that creates connections ... Yes Connections of my mind to my eyes, connections of my heart to my feelings, connections of my body to my desires, connections of my Soul to my Soul Mate... But Why Am I So Powerless To Love? Why Am I So Greedy For Love? For the more Love I receive... the more I want. Why Is All Of Me So Insatiable For Love?

 Best way to fall in love a poem..

Oh Poor Little Me, Poor Little You As Well! Why are we such prey of Love... But More Importantly, I Ask You Beloved: Why Is Even God Such A Prey Of Love? For even He Created the whole Universe out of Love, Created Mankind and all other Beings because of Love, and then Insanity took over, for He even got off His Godly Throne, only to mount up on a Tree because of Deep Love.... What Is Love?

What Are We To Love, And Who Am I In Love?... Because without Love in our lives we feel no purpose, without Deep Love in our heart we are just Zombies, without Great Love shown to us we are poor in spirit and in emotions. Without Perfect Love from God, we would become nothing great, but Slaves sentenced to The Great Abyss... Oh Love Why Do You Have So Much Power? And Why Does Even God Had To Consult With You And Acquire Your Help Before He Started Creating All And All?

Yes Beloved, a Love Poem to question Love.. A Love Poem to confront Love to reveal itself... A Love Poem to expose the greatness of Love... A Love Poem to ask You to help me understand Love, understand its purpose, understand its plan for us all, understand its collusion with God, understand how great its power... Oh What Is Love That I Have Fallen In It... And Keep Falling In It Every Single Time? Oh Won't You Help Me Beloved?... A Confused Slave Of Love.... James Dazouloute

 How to fall in love a poem...

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