What Does God Have Planned For You Today.

 What does God have for you today...

You had to ask this question as soon as this day started, since you have been living on this Earth for quite a while now, and have become accustomed to a lot of disappointments in each day and very few success stories. And so you ask that not because you are a negative person, or you have little faith, but you know that since Adam fell and the punishments were pronounced by God, that your days would be hard, your life would be full of confusion, and your path would be muddy. And so as you roll out of bed, you begin to thank God for the gift of life, and you ask what He has planned for you to face today and be victorious in, - if you can decipher all the codes, if you can make the right decisions, and if you can get help from the Powers That Be. 

So now that you have asked what does God has planned for you today, you are ready to look for every opportunity where God is speaking to you, you are ready to explore every situation that is presented your way so you could see the hands of God in it, and you are ready to fully give God thanks and praise for each thing He makes manifest in your life. But what if all these situations are way over your head? And what if you are blind to the meaning of each one, how will they benefit you?

 What to expect from God today...

Well Beloved, not all things that are allowed to happen in your life today are for today, for many of them are seeds being planted for tomorrow, also many more are to give you a glimpse about how to live, about what needs to be done, about learning to be happy even if you don't fully understand, about being thankful just to be experiencing and living. 

So what God has planned for you today, will require your involvement, will require you to have steady mind, will require you to be grateful at all times, and will require for you not to live defeated but to live as an Adventurer with your heart open. And that way you will not miss out on the many great things that God has planned for you. Dr. James Dazouloute


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 What does God have for me today..

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