Save Money, But This Is Crazy How Some People Go To Extremes

 Crazy story about saving money...

Save Money, But This Is Crazy How Some People Go To Extremes. And dear friend, I know that we live in a world that all things  always boomerang. So where things begin, they go around and then come back around to the beginning, in other words our economy will blossom and it will die and then blossom again. And so we must  learn to constantly live within our financial means, and pay very close attention to how we spend our hard earned money. But there are some people who take saving money too far, and I intend to give you a very defined example of this today so you can do everything in your life with balance and moderation.

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Daniel Dancer. 
Mr. Dancer loved the monies that he had so much, and worshiped the god of money so greatly that he made sure that him and his money were parted only at the last possible option. He had a sister living with him back in the 18th. Century in England and he was quite well to do by the standards of that age, since he had real estate that he rented out and received large annual incomes. When Mr. Dancer's sister got really sick and needed  to see a doctor along with medicine, her brother simply refused to provide that for her. And after she died on the floor, because she had no real bed, her brother's view of the whole thing was that he should not be spending hard earned money on something that was inevitable. Because in life, people live, get sick and  then die sooner or later; and so if his sister did not die now she would die later on any way.

 How people go to extreme to save money...

Also Mr. Daniel Dancer was so cheap and wanted to save money, that he used to go around and collect cow dungs on the ground along the roads. He used to pick up the smelly cow dungs and put them in his pockets, and then use them as fertilizer for his field. And along the way, if there was a dead animal on the road he would carve up the meat, or whatever little part of the meat that was still good, and then take it home and make dinner. Why spend good money right?. And even at one time during a bad winter, a lady friend  sent him a meal made out of fish to eat, but on the long way there the meal was frozen. And so Mr. Daniel wanted to save money and did not want the expense of using wood to heat up the food, so he sat on the food like a chicken until it finally heated somewhat and then ate it.

Save Money, But This Is Crazy How Some People Go To Extremes. I do hope that I have shared enough with you to show you that it is one thing to be thrifty and save money. But a whole other thing to cut off your nose just to spite your face, and be counter productive to what you are trying to accomplish, which is to save money. So remember dear friend: “ Save Money And Money Will Save You “. But it is a tool just like any other, you must it at the right time to live life and count your blessings. James Dazouloute

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