Please Forgive Me... Love Poem To God

 Why ask God for forgiveness...

Please Forgive Me Oh God My Creator, for I have inherited my sins from my bloodline. Ever since my father Adam became stiff - necked and refused to follow your just and righteous commands, then I too can't seem to move away from this hereditary wickedness.

Oh dear God please forgive my transgressions, because it seems like I have joined my brother Cain in the act of murder. For I, murder my brothers and sisters with my tongue, I too take the life of others by plotting against them, and by slandering their good names. Yes I need forgiveness now more than ever.

I am at my weakest right now, because I am surrounded by demons in my my head, in my heart, on my tongue and even in my home. Yes Lord, ever since I became a puppet to be used by evil spirits to: Curse my brother, to ignore your laws, to be a tripping stone for all those who try to serve you. Yes I am at my weakest and I need to be perfected by You, my Savior and my Redeemer.

 How God is so forgiving...

So I run to You my Creator for Your Mercy and Your Grace. I run to the shelter of Your Holy Wings for protection from my fierce adversary, Satan. I need your forgiveness for the sake of Your only Begotten Son's Holy Blood, that was shed for me at Golgotha in Jerusalem.

Every day I awake I look up to the North of Heaven where Your Throne Room is, just so I can find You to beg You to purify my heart, and turn me inside out from red with blood sins, to white as snow. I need You My Lord and My God, I need to become Your Friend, I need to be tested and made ready as Heir to Your Throne, so I can serve You in ruling in Your Kingdom.

I need to be forgiven by You The Most High God, because no other god will have such Compassion for me, nor will they show me any Mercy or give me such Grace.

I am at the door step of heaven, and I carry with me the letter signed with the Blood of Jesus, Your only Begotten Son. Yes I am knocking on heaven's door, invoking the Name that was given as the key to use for Mercy, Favor, Grace, Blessings, Healing, Power and Authority. 

Please Forgive Me, Love Poem To God. And so I write this love poem to you my God, with the hope that You will see my heart, and take my miseries away from me. I need You my God,  I need Your forgiveness, I need Your kindness, I need Your love, I need Your joy, I need Your greatness.

Forgive my mistakes, forgive my confusion, forgive my lack of understanding, forgive my silly ways, forgive me, forgive....

Oh misery, Oh misery. Oh Sins, Oh Ignorance, Oh mistakes, Oh pride. Why have you all clung to me so much?.  And why have you all lied to me, then guided me away from my God?. But no more, no more. Be gone from me. I return to You Oh My Peace, My Provider, My Strength. And I return to you only through the door of the Blood Covenant, that You have given to me as safe passage. Please forgive me God, for I lay of all my sins at the Cross.  James Dazouloute

 Please forgive me dear God..

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