OOO La La... I Love You, A Poem.

 Why I love you so much..

OOO La La... I Love You so much my Precious.  I am enamored with your gentleness, I am astonished by how much you live just for me, and I am flabbergasted with your enormous capabilities to make love to me, over and over again... OOO La La!

What music to my heart you play, what a dormant heart you have awaken, and what a passion that you have riled up in me. I appreciate your heart so so much my love.

I am ashamed to look at you my heaven, for at times you give so much of yourself to me, and you are always saying: It's Okay baby, you come first. Oh what good things did I ever do to deserve such a love like yours?. 

OOO LA LA! I exclaim as I fall more madly in love with you, and I shout even to strangers. Oh my one and only love, why do you take such great care like this for me?. Who am I?. But wait, you always remind me that in your eyes I am the greatest person alive. Oh WOW!

I live each day experiencing how much love that a human being can dispense to another. I live each moment feeling invincible knowing that you are standing right next to me, and hand - feeding me your great love that makes me able to accomplish anything. What kind of love is this?.

Oh my heart, oh my body, oh my dreams, you have all awaken at the same time with this perfect breath of love from my beloved. And I am glad, because for a good while I thought that I was dead emotionally. But you, my everything, has steadied me and plunged me back in the world of Love, in the world of Unions, in the world of Togetherness, and in the world of Dreams come true. OOO LA LA!...

 How I love you...

I wake up each day as an addict of your love in my life, and I gladly await my next fix from just you touching my hands, and looking deeply into my eyes to say: Baby, what can I do for you today that I have not done yesterday?. And I reply: Love – is - you, so by having you I have the greatest infinite treasure for always. I adore you my love.

For you I would give up any job, any friends, any business ventures, any addictions. Just to see the look on your face that have so much compassion for me, so much understanding of my heart, and so much dedication to make my life better than it could ever be. OOO LA LA, what an amorous affair!.

 OOO La la.. I Love You..

I am in love, I am in love, I am in love.... I can't seem to stop singing those words, and I am not gifted with singing. But you can put me on stage with the best singer of the world, and my love for you as well as your fervent love, will quickly rearrange my vocal chords – my tongue – my delivery, to sing the best amorous melody of: I Love You For You, Because You Are Just For Me And Our Souls Have Finally Found Each Other.....

 OOO La La! This I love you poem is not enough to express how much you worry about my every need, my every pleasure, my every caress, my every love making needs, and my every neediness. Oh Love! I Have Found Thee One... OOO La La!!! James Dazouloute

 OOO  La La... A Love Poem

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