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Saving money on Food is a must, since it seems that times are always hard for you. And no matter what the economy is looking like, it always appears that all growth are passing you by constantly. And no matter what you try, nothing ever gets better. And you're not sure if you're crazy or not, but from down here, it looks like the Universe is against you and your pockets. And you're not sure, but at night while you're sleeping, you could have sworn that you heard Spirits Of Blockage - Spirits Of Lack - & Spirits OF Poverty, all talking among themselves over your bed. And so until you get deliverance, what will you do?. 

Additionally, because for the past 2 years, you've been making the exact same amount of money. And yet food prices keep rising sharply, and all other necessities that you have to pay for, all claim that inflation has gone up considerably. And yet those corporations who own them have made more profits than ever. Except You. So just how do you save any money on food? Since this is what you need the most in your life, besides water. Well today dear friend, I intend to share with you 5 Quick ways to save money on food items, as well give you the main reason why you must. 

First way to saving money on food: Buy In Season.
Whenever you want to buy fruits and vegetables, you have to look at your Farmer's Almanac and see what season that you're in. Because when a particular food is in season, then the prices are down considerably. Due to over supply and low demands. Also, you must stay aware of the weather system in your area, since if there is a flood where you live, then all items that grow under ground or right above ground will get way too much water and will rot. And then the next season comes for it to be harvested, there will be great shortage of that fruit or particular vegetable. So always look for what Mother Earth is producing at this time, and you will save a tremendous amount of money on food. 

Second way: Buy Large Size.
And you've heard this over and over again, that you must buy food items in large quantities whenever you can. Since buying in bulk will save you at least 50 percent off the regular price of smaller items. As well, the stores do not have the room to keep those bulky food items for a long time on their shelves. And so they must get rid of them during their week-end sales. So that is where you come in, and buy your rice, your beans, your noodles, your canned foods, your oils, your cereals, your toilet papers, etc. All in large quantities, and when you get home you can become very creative as to where you store them: I.E. In the attic for canned foods, under the bed for other items, under a desk for others and so on. 

Third way to save on food purchase: Always On Sale.
Yes, always buy when items are on sales. Always buy when they offered coupons for an item that you really needed. And always keep your ears to the ground for clearance sales, or end-of-the-season food items that you can consume quickly. So recognize that sales are your very best friends, when it comes to saving a lot of money on foods. 

Saving money on food, fourth easy way: Hunt Foods.
If you live near an area where there is game, or heavily wooded areas, then you can go back to your ancestral roots, which is as far back as when time began for mankind. And since everything in life is cyclical, then pretty soon Life is going to force you to live that way. As more and more heavy disasters are making their way to you. So hunt your chicken, hunt your deer, your jack rabbit, your bird, your pig. Also don't forget about going fishing, since this is a very relaxing and entertaining thing to do if you have a boat, or if you can find a small corner near a pond. And once there, you can think about even more ways to save on food. Also you already know about all the great benefits that fishes have for your body. 

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And now the main reason why you must save money on food: Original Gardner.
When your original earthly Mother and Father of this age( Adam & Eve, ) were created. They were give an extremely lavish garden to tend to. Called the " Garden Of Eden ", and their job was to tend to the plants, the trees, the flowers, the animals, the lake, the ponds, the fruits and vegetables. And in that great garden, they were allowed to eat whatever plant or fruits they wanted to, except for one. And once they violated their office, then all went to hell. And nowadays the Indians all over the Globe have tried to return to the original order given by God, and live off the earth, but we, the industrialists and the ignorant ones have pushed them out every bit of land they set foot on. And now we are crying all over the world, that we are starving to death, and that famine has now become our Master. James Dazouloute

No Not You my friend, for you are reading this food shopping article, and you recognize that the only true reliance there is, is God and then you. And since God has already done His part by providing the earth and all the resources, then you must do your part and tend to Mother Earth. And grow your own garden. But you do not need that much space to grow some tomatoes, some onions, some water melons, some cabbage etc. Because fresh fruits along with fresh meats are what suck up all your money when trying to buy food. James Dazouloute

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