In God Hands... A Love Poem.

 He's got me and you in his hands..

In God Hands, A Love Poem because all of Me is in His Hands. And all that I do each day is in God Hands, as well all that I do wrong and that He Allows are all in His Hands. And I know that I am supposed to repeat this every hour of my life, but Father God I am so lost when I don't hear from You, or don't see Your Almighty hands working to help me - to transform me - and even to perfect me. But because of The Blood at Golgotha, then I testify that it is all in God Hands.

Yes, some say that God has even the Sparrow in His Hands, but as for me, I only care about Me and My Problems. I know that I am selfish, but Honestly I share with You my brother and sister, that my troubles are way too much for me to handle right now, and all my foolishness in the past are now catching up with me. And so All In God Hands? I - I - I Stutter, because my faith is weakening, and so Dear God, Please Help My Unbelief through this love poem to you.

 In God Hands...

Yes Father, send Your Holy Spirit to rain down on me, send The Blood Of Your Only Begotten Son to cover me, Send Your Holy Angels to watch over me, send even the Shadow of Your Wings to shelter me. All to remind me that All is in Your Hands.

I am so weak and this love poem is my reaching out to You, Beloved Father God, for I testify to one and all with my mouth that You Have got the whole world in your hands, but in my heart I wonder if you really do. Especially when I see Wars, when I see Death, when I see Injustice, when I see Slavery, when I see Famine, when I see Disasters from the Heavens, and even when I see the wicked always prospering. And so help me to feel Your Hands over my shoulders, help me Father God to know that You are there and I can curl up and fall asleep in Your Hands.

 In God Hands A Poem...

Yes In God Hands I want to be, yes In God Hands I pray for You my brothers and sisters to rest every second of the day, and in God Hands I commit the whole world for Him to ensure all things are taking place in accordance to His Purpose and Glory. Oh Yes, All In God Hands I Believe my soul is safe, in His Hands I undoubtedly thrust myself and my troubles, and in The Creator Hands I expect each of my shortcomings to be turned into a great and perfect victory. Oh Brother, Oh Sister, won't You join me so we all can remember that All Are In God Hands?... Come Into Agreement With Me, Won't You? James Dazouloute

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