I Love Shopping... A Poem.

Best thing I love about shopping...

I Love Shopping because she is the only true friend I have in my corner who will never betray me, or let me down, or even talk bad about me. And shopping is actually very good for me, because it helps me to stay in great shape, it allows me to exercise all the parts of my great body, including my brain while bargaining for the best prices. Yes I Love Shopping.

And when I arrive at a store, it is like arriving at the house of a wonderful friend who truly cares for me and my well being. For when I am shopping, the whole world lights up to me, the seasons all turn into Spring, and the best outfits just jump at me begging for me to buy them and take them home. And then I remember that all this excitement is great for my heart, as all my stresses are taken away from me.

WOW Ms. Shopping! Who told you to be this great and wonderful? And who made you to be such a necessity to mankind, and even to the very hypocrites who act like they never want to spend money shopping? But you are always good to me, and without you I would have perished a long time ago because I would not be able to shop for food, shop for the best water available, shop for the best electric service, the best cable company, nor be able to shop for the best house to live in the greatest neighborhood.... Oh Ms. Shopping, I Love You and all that you represent.

I will never give you up... Oh where is there a knowing ear, or seeing eyes that can understand this love poem about Shopping! Where is there a friend who would embark on a great journey around the world with me to shop for all the best amenities! And where are the servants who are willing to dedicate their lives to me to carry all my bags as I shop for myself, my family and even for them?

Oh that I would shop all day and night! Oh that I would buy the whole world and then share it equally among all my brothers and sisters! Oh that Ms. Shopping would  accompany me even into my dreams, so I could preview all the latest designs that I will shop for in the morning! And Oh that Mr. Money and Ms. Shopping would marry and make me and my family Best Man and Bridesmaid, then we would all be together forever united as best friends and extended families!!!

I am amazed at the blessings I receive when shopping, even for others who are less fortunate during the Holidays, and then I can turn around and bless them with what they need and love the most! And on top of that I can shop for my pets who are always my faithful companion, and whether it is their medicine I shop for, or their hygienic products I procure for them, or even the nice little outfits to beautify them. Oh what a day, Oh what a life, Oh what a true friend I have in you Ms. Shopping!!!    

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 I love shopping a poem...

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