I Gotta Be Me And This Is Why You Must Be You Too.

Why you must be you...

I gotta be me! No ifs and buts about it. I gotta do me and you must do what is best for you. I gotta take care of me, and you must do whatever it takes to make sure you're alright. I have to take my own path and not follow anyone else 's, and neither should you my friend. I have to eat what is best for me and you must put inside your body whatever you think is the greatest for your body type. I have to fall in love and make love my way, while you must enjoy love every way that it is great for you too. I have to do what is fun for me, and you must find out what you like and enjoy doing it. I must wear my hair the way I feel like parting it, and you must wear yours the way you think it will make you look good.

Yes my friend, I remind you and all others that I gotta be me, and this is an absolute must for you also. I gotta love me first before I can even begin to try to love anybody else, and you too should learn how to love yourself, as well all the great reasons why you must. I have to wear my clothes the best ways for my body type so I can feel comfortable and at the same time feel sexy, and if I get a compliment from others for looking good to them, then that would just be icing on the cake; and that is how you should wear your clothes as well my friend because you gotta do you. Yes sir, I gotta help myself first, before I can be any good to others and not end up pulling them down; and so you must also do for yourself first. And I gotta meet people on my own term and not allow society to dictate to me who to meet and who to be with or even marry; and so must you decide for yourself.

 Why I gotta be me....

And another thing, I gotta be me be even if I fail at this life, then I'll know that at least I will have some unique knowledge to offer to someone else and avoid him or her from making the same mistakes. And you gotta be you even when you are great at everything you do, because you should never try to compete with others, since each person has their own path laid out for them, along with their own destiny and purpose established for them by the universe. And for me, I still gotta be me even to my last day on earth before death comes, and not try to live as long as anybody else, since when a man's day come for him to die, God directs that man to the place and the situation that must be in order for him to die. So again, knowing all this, then why try to be like someone else, or live like someone else?

So yes, yes, yes I gotta be me! Because there is no one else like me, nor there is anybody else quite like you friend. Because you and I are very unique, our fingerprints are unique, so is our smile, our eyes, our laugh, our belly button... Yes sir, we are each a unique human being, so there is absolutely no reason for you and I to keep trying to fit in. Because that would be quite foolish and a slap to the Creator who never wanted for us to be all exactly alike. So this is why I gotta be me and you definitely gotta be you, no matter what. James Dazouloute

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 Why I Gotta be me...

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