How To Let The Universe Help You Make Money Like These People.

 How to make money from the universe..

Making Extra Money... Then Let The Universe Help You.

So you are in need of making extra money, and you are trying everything you know how, to bring in just a little bit more. And you don't need much, just enough to get you over, just enough to help you get the creditors off your back, just enough to start a  business, just enough to have to retire on, and just enough to leave behind in your last will and testament to help your grieving loved ones afterward. Believe me dear friend, I know and feel your pain as I too, used to  sometimes struggle with one of these situations. And yet I have overcome them  after  having learned a great secret.

I have learned a while back that the universe is our very best friend, and it is all because it was created by God to help us, to provide for us, and definitely to bring to us our heart desires. And just by opening up your mind and keeping watch for all that is happening around you, you will quickly obtain a tremendous amount of new ideas on things that are greatly in need of, and that can make you an insane amount of money. And with that in mind, I will share with you 3 people who were badly in need of money and yet, opened up their mind by watching out for opportunities to be successful.

Up first, I introduce to you Mr. Jean Baptiste Jolly.
Mr. Jolly was a man who was barely making a living back in Paris, France. And back in the 1850s, while Mr. Jolly was at work one day he accidentally bump into a bottle of “ Camphene “, which is a very concentrated cleaning fuel, and the fuel spilled onto a dress. But Mr. Jolly panicked and thought that the dress would be completely stained, and it's kind of like you do when you dump “ Clorox “ on a dress. However the universe, the great friend that it is had other plans. Because the dress that already had a big spotty stain became clean. And just by an accident, and by opening up his mind to possibilities, Mr. Jolly ended up opening and having the first “ Dry Cleaning Company “ in the world. And now you are able to get all your clothes dry cleaned without shrinking.

Second, we have Mr. Luigi Galvani.

Back in the 18th. Century Mr. Galvani was a scientist who toiled in his laboratory, as a scientist always does in trying to improve the life of humanity. And he had a dead frog that was laying on a zinc plate, and he accidentally touched it with one of his steel scalpel and the leg of the frog jumped. And of course Mr. Galvani was quite surprised, and later on one of his close friend, Allesandro Volta, was able to show that it wasn't a ghost that made the frog's leg jumped, but it was the two metals ( Zinc plate and steel scalpel ) that made the frog's leg twitched, by creating an electrical current between the negative and the positive. And because they opened up their mind and allowed the universe to bless them, they were able to establish this understanding to create the battery that you use in your cars, your boats, your riding mowers today. And so as you can see if you are in need of making extra money, then let the universe help you.

Third, I introduce to you Mr. John Walker.

Mr. Walker was a scientist, more precisely a chemist. And one day as he was mixing up “ Antimony Sulfide and Potassium Chlorate “ to use them with a flint and a piece of steel. And as you can imagine, he accidentally rubbed the two chemicals above against his “ Hearthstone. “ And next thing you know a flame came out of it. And of course the universe went even further in making Mr. John Walker wealthy, because it inspired him  to wrap some friction matches he made, and put them through some folded sandpaper. And he sold the matches that he had made to his local market, but sometime as fate would have it, or stubbornness, he did not patent his accidental discovery. And so later on in 1828,  a Mr. Samuel Jones patented the “ Friction Matches “ under the name of Lucifer, and made some money on that. However as cruel as fate can be sometimes to some, and yet wonderful to others, it was Sir Isaac Holden, who piggy backed on that accidental inventions in 1833, and he created a friction match made of “ Phosphorus and Sulfur. “ And History gave all the credit to Sir Isaac Holden for having created the matches you use to light your cigarettes, your cigars, your fireplaces etc.

So you are in need of making extra money, then you must let the universe help you. So now you do see that making this extra money is easy as pie, if you stop being negative when something accidentally happen to you. And then please do not start cursing the universe, or saying: Oh! Why is this happening to me?. Because what you don't understand could be your greatest blessing. James Dazouloute

 The riches of the universe..

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