How To Be Rich Accidentally Using These 3 Examples.

 How you too can get rich accidentally...

Super Rich... Well You Can Be Accidentally

When you hear of the super rich, I bet you automatically think that they get this way because they are geniuses. Or that they are extremely well educated, or even that they were born into money. But if you trace it all back, you will find out that 98 percent of wealth has been made by accidents caused by the universe, fate and destiny. And I intend to prove to you this bold statement  very clearly today, with 3 separate cases where individuals had no idea what they were looking for. And the universe as a gift to them, accidentally dropped an invention on their lap. And then to top it off, it also gives them the inspiration, the knowledge and the how, to make it all work and be prosperous. And all because God intended and designed it all this way. Here we go:

 Thomas Adams invented the chewing gum...

First I present to you Mr. Thomas Adams (Chewing Gum).
Mr. Adams was trying to figure out what to do with the dried sap of  a Mexican tree, and his son Horatio was helping him out with the material which he also called “ Chicle. “ But what Mr. Adams was trying to do was to make rubber out of the dried sap, and that turned out to be quite frustrating and disappointing for the both of them. And while pondering over their sadness, they took a piece of the Chicle or dried sap and started chewing on it, as it was kind of sweet. And that's when accidentally, Mr. Adams realized  that this could be used as “ Chewing Gum “, and decided to start a new business selling it back in the 1850's. But in truth, paraffin flavored wax was being used as gum 20 years earlier and as you know natural is always better. And so naturally Chicle became everyone's choice, accidentally.

 Alexander Flemming Inventor Of Pennicillin..

Second, we have Sir Alexander Fleming ( Penicillin).
Sir Fleming was a bacteriologist who was experimenting with “ Staphylococcus Bacteria “ when the cover on a culture was accidentally removed and became badly contaminated by a fungus ( Penicillium ), and it also killed the Staphylococcus Bacteria. And of course, accidentally Sir Fleming had now realized that this fungus could kill bad bacterias and can combat many diseases. But he had a hard time isolating this bacterial disease fighting that he had given a name to: Penicillin, back in 1928. But it wasn't until 1943 when Mr. Howard Florey and Ernst Chain started experimenting once again on Sir Fleming' s discovery and helped patent Penicillin, and they went on to share the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine.

 Charles goodyear, how to invent like him..

Third, Mr. Charles Goodyear (Vulcanized Rubber),
Mr. Goodyear was working around the house when he accidentally poured rubber with sulfur on a burning stove, and then he noticed that when it became very hot it did not get soft. And then afterward when it cooled off it did not get hard as regular rubbers always do. And the rubber industry quickly got the idea to use it in manufacturing vehicle tires, since tires get extremely hot on the highways, and in winter they can get extremely cold. And of course the rubber industry stole his accidental discovery and he was forced to defend it in court. And even though nowadays you hear of “ Goodyear Tire, “ he did not start this company. And they only used his name as the original inventor of such a life saving gift for all pieces of machinery that use tires to wheel around.

Super Rich... Well You Can Be Accidentally?. Well by now I do hope that you can see you really can, if you allow the universe to cause accidents in your life and not just look to complain every time. You always have to open yourself up to new opportunities, because all the things that happen in your life are gifts from the universe. But when you are so negative, you can not see 2 feet in front of you, much less make any money with your business ventures. James Dazouloute, Business Coach.

 How to get rich accidentally...

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