Do Animals Have Souls

 Best things about animals...

ANIMALS HAVE SOULS, and just like You they too have a right to live, have a need to express themselves, have a way of talking, have a need to protect their friends, have a hunger for love, have a passion for being amazing, and have love in their heart. But if you don't stop to look, listen, feel, interact and understand, then you will never know much about animals and the amazing things they can do. And so if you get caught up in all the idiotic stigma along with the fallacies about Animals, then you will continue living in ignorance and keep on thinking to yourself " Oh, These are just some dumb Animals", whether you see them at your local Zoo, or on TV, or in the National Parks, or even in your backyard. And then you will miss your chance at knowing a great friend, a super great contributor to Mother Nature, a hard worker for peace and love, a protector of all that is perfect, a Hero who will give up its life at anytime for any cause, even to protect you or give up its body so you could eat... 

So will you ever find a friend greater than this? Would you give up your life to protect a friend even though you know you would lose? Would you cut off your arm just so your neighbor could have something to eat? Would you allow yourself to be kicked, punched, shot, and allow deadly chemicals to be tested on you, all just for the enjoyment of another dumb specie? So Do Animals Have Souls? Well you answer that Beloved, after I just finish describing to you all that they do every day unselfishly to love you, to increase Mother Nature and to honor God... James Dazouloute

 Do animals have souls...

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