Did Mother Earth Really Need The 4 Seasons To Survive.

 Beautiful 4 seasons of Mother Earth..

Did Mother Earth Really Need The 4 Seasons To Survive? I mean when you think about it, you have Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter; so what is so great about each one that Mother Earth had to have each one come along at a particular time, with a particular lifestyle, and comes with a special effect on life? And while no 2 human beings will hardly agree on the benefits and disadvantages of each season, due particularly to several factors such as: Where each person lives, what resources do each person have at their disposals, how rich and how poor monetarily is each person, what disasters may have affected each person's particular area during a season, and what memories does each person have about their circumstances during each season... So all these are great factors why human beings will not agree with one another, but what about Mother Earth? So let us take a look at some of the things commonly said about each season, and that will give us a clue if, and why Mother Earth need the 4 seasons.

 4 Seasons of Mother Earth...

Spring - It's lovely seeing the flowers come out and the trees blossom, but it always rains. At the spring equinox, days are close to 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses. Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. And inside the Earth, all types of life have a change to begin anew, to come alive in a new way.

Summer - It's hot, and good weather to go outside in and have fun, but sometimes, lots of things die. The sun and warmth also of course stimulate all sorts of growth. Summer heat normally also drives down our hunger, as our body does not need to expand as much energy to keep us warm. Also Summer excites life in every being, for fruit trees it is time for them to give their best, for humans it is time for us to show off our best bodies and get together. 

 Mother earth seasons

Fall - When all the leaves on the trees are turning a gold / brown colour, it's really beautiful. However, it rains a lot, and the leaves on the floor go all damp. Just about the same time when the leaves start turning color, the harvest starts to take place, is the time when the many different hunting seasons also open up. And when you look at the Fall season, you will see that a lot of life starts to die including the grass, but in reality they are all just beginning to enter their time of rest, as they begin to shed their skin and leaves from having been reborn or renewed during Spring and having lived during Summer.

Winter - Snow! It's good fun, and although it disrupts our every day lives, it's a brilliant time to go outside with people. Winter Season provide water and fills rivers and lakes, used to make electricity, and used for farming. Also in Winter people suffer a lot from the biting cold. But the poor people are more troubled than the rich. The rich people have their winter garments, but the poor people lie bare in their cheap places to sleep with very little heat. 

 The 4 seasons...

Did Mother Earth Really Need The 4 Seasons To Survive? I would venture to say "Yes". Because life is born in Spring, then it is lived fully in Summer, afterward it begins to shed itself of extra weight and start to relax in Fall, and then it will have to face the harsh Winter which will provide it with all the ingredients it will need to be reborn once again in Spring time. And since Life is Cyclical, then it is only right that the great cycle of the 4 Seasons take place... But What Is Your View About The 4 Seasons?.... Your Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

 What is the best season...

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