Bald Head Shaving, Very Quickly Done.

 How to shave head...

Bald head shaving can be very quickly done, only if you master it and have patience, then You will be very well rewarded. As a bald head is the fad of these days, you can take great advantage of it if you position yourself with a great shave. However this was not the norm in days of long ago, as a bald head was only allowed and accepted during mourning for a loved one, and it was considered a sign of sadness, humbleness and great loss. And as time changes, and we human beings suffer endlessly for a need for change and diversity, so has arrived the time for bald head shaving.

Also bald head shaving is very popular with good reason, as many women love the look and feel of a bald head, if you have the round shape of a melon. It is especially popular with men who are losing their hair, as it is  an attempt to disguise their thinning hair, although it is not uncommon as well, among men who have full heads of hair, and just want to participate in the fad and the hype. So let us get down to it with the quick ways to properly shave your head bald.

 Easy ways to shave head..

First, trim your hair as close as possible with a hair clipper,
And adjusting the closeness so to give you as close of a trim as possible. And this is not as difficult as you might think, but if you are having trouble with the clippers, it might be best if you go to the barber shop the first time around, until you can get the hang of it.

Second quick way for bald head shaving is to take a shower to wet 
And fully moisturize your scalp and apply your favorite shaving cream or gel to your entire scalp, even any bald parts. Also do massage your head for a minute or two, so you can fully loosen all the hair follicles and make them flexible. So you could have a fully closed shave.

Third quick way is to shave just like you shave your face, 
Shave with the grain, and try to pass over each area only once. And for the bald head shaving, do use short even strokes without much pressure and that tends to avoid nicks and scratches. Learn the bumps, grooves, and other peculiarities of your head, and head shaving will be easy and smooth. 
When done, rinse well. 

You may want to apply your normal post shave lotion or cream to your scalp as well. And do massage your scalp once again and get used to the new feel. And after that do leave your new bald head alone, and please do not, either you or anyone else, touch your bald shaved head with dirty hands. For that is the surest way to start getting bumps on your head.

So do take good care of your newly bald head. You'll need a hat and perhaps sunscreen. 
Your scalp may have never seen the sun before and may sunburn in mere minutes otherwise. When you go to sleep at night or any other time, do wear a hat or any other sort of covering, because your head is now truly exposed for the very first time. And when you feel your shaved bald head starting to itch badly, that is always a sign that new hair is growing, and so with clean hands, go ahead and feel your head to see if it is time for for another bald head shaving. Remember this is a psychological thing as well, as the entire scalp is an erogenous zone after shaving, and so the opposite sex is naturally drawn to it . James Dazouloute

 How to look great with a bald head..


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