Armed Security Guard, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Position

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An armed security guard is an extremely needed position, especially during these long lasting negative economic times. An armed security guard is at the forefront of every situation, since he / she is already right there on the scene, long before the Police could be called or even arrive on the scene. What an armed security guard does in response to an event will have enduring consequences in saving and protecting someone else 's life, along with someone else 's property. The armed and unarmed security guard position is one of the most under appreciated position in the job market, every one will want to treat you like a wet rag and as just someone standing there, but as soon as something bad happens everyone will be looking to you to do something, or they will ask where was the armed security guard at?. So you see my friend, as an armed security guard you will always be in between a rock and a hard place. And so today we will explore the benefits and advantages, or disadvantages of being an armed security guard; and then you can decide for yourself, whether or not this is a position that you are willing to obtain and continue working at.

First step is to look at the different kinds of armed security guard, and in this view there is the basic uniformed guard that you see at your local mall, or local stores. And they are at the bottom of the armed security guard industry in regards to pay, as they usually make from $9 to $12 per hour. Then there is the armored truck armed security guard that you see driving around, or at your local banks. These are at the next level in pay and usually make from $10 to $17 per hour. And after that comes the plain clothes armed security guard that you will usually see at sports arenas, or at an elite private function. And these make anywhere from  $13 to $20 per hour. Additionally there is your bodyguard, who works as a plain clothes armed security guard as well, and those make anywhere from $30 to $70 per hour. 

And then come your elite armed security guard, such as a private contractor who works in another country like Iraq, protecting the oil workers and those make on an average $80,000 to $150,000 a year. And finally, there is your mercenary armed security guard, and those are your contract killers and they make anywhere from $ 80,000 to a million per job or contract. But it is important to note dear friend, that for each one of those level of armed security guard, they may all have received the same training, or may differ in their level of training that they have received. For that is not so much the criteria in determining which level of armed security guard position they get, it all depends on their contacts and their networking. As sometimes you may have a sniper with 150 kills under his belt, but he just got out of the Military, and he just took the first job he could get as a Civilian. So next time you see an armed guard at your local mall, be careful not to provoke him / her, for you do not know what level of training he may have had and what situation may have landed them this position.

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Now for the advantages of being an armed security guard, you must first realize that the first of such advantages is that you are putting your life on the line, as a hero for someone else and their property. And another advantage is, as long as there is crime you will always be needed and always have a job. For in good times or bad times people will always be influenced by evil, by drugs and by a corrupt mind to commit crimes, and since the Police can not be posted at every fixed building, apartment complex, mansions, banks, grocery stores and so on. There will you be, to cover every post, every building, every ship, every airport etc. Also, the pay will always be there as you can always use one job as experience, and build contacts to get the next higher paying armed security guard job.

And to the disadvantages, you must realize that just like the Police it is " damned if you do and damned if you don 't ", Except the Police has more of a legal authority than you do, and you only have the rights of a private citizen, unless you are deputized by some form of Governments. And another disadvantage as an armed security guard is to realize that people will challenge you much more often than they will challenge the Police, because they know you do not have the same powers, and you do not have the same arsenal of back up that the Police have. Also, your pay is quite low for your life that you risk daily because when the criminal comes to the bank, or trying to kidnap your client, he will shoot at you and fight you just like he would the Police, if not worst. And then you will not even get a medal or increase in pay like the Police does, since they belong to a Union and you don 't.

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There is also the legal aspect of being an armed security guard, for you are constantly walking on pins and needles when on duty. While the Police have arrest powers, you do not and can only detain if you catch someone in the middle of a crime, then you can make a citizen 's  arrest. And you also can not just grab somebody at free will, or just because someone make a slight accusation. For then you can be sued for assault, battery, or false imprisonment and you do not want any of these headaches unless you have an A. V. rated attorney to represent you. Like the Police does during the performance of their duties. And the company you work for as an armed security guard will drop you like a bad habit, and you will have to fend for yourself. And also, if you get shot, you will not be a hero like the police, or have your money coming in just right. No, you may get workman 's comp if the company you work for had paid into it, but if they had you as an independent contractor then you are on your own. And even then you may get sued by the other person of their family... So Beware, Educate Yourself... James Dazouloute

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