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Home Business Blog... To 3 Ways To Make Money At Home.

Home Business Blog... Just how do you make money from this blogging thing, you ask? After all it is taking up all your time just to write one post, because you just love to be detailed about your thoughts and knowledge. And so putting together a thousand-words article is a must for you, but lately you are just so sick and tired of all these So Called Business-Gurus, all telling YOU how easy it is to make money at home or with your Blog. And believe me, you're not mad at them, you are just frustrated because Blogging is your passion and your joy of living. And you would just love to do this full time, but you have to make enough money just to pay the very minimum of your bills.

And so today I will share with you, Fellow Money Getter, the Top 3 ways to make money with your blog. And I want to erase from your head what you have been told: That you must find a profitable niche, if you want to make any money Online. But just ask yourself, how did these "So Called Niches" become so profitable to begin with?. Somebody had to have had a passion for that niche, just like you have for yours, and then the people came. 

And believe me dear friend, or not, the truth is you can make money with any and all ideas that you have. It Is All A Matter Of Presentation. I mean just look at all the Crap that is out there, and just how much money have been made from it all. Case and point, you have see all these Infomercials, and 99% of them are crappy and yet they all make a killing. PRESENTATION... And To Many People.

 Easy ways to blog at home..

First way to make money with your home business blog: Write, Tag & Post.
Yes my friend write, after all it is your passion you have said. So write, write like never before. And why?. Because all the Search Engines, will fall madly in love with you. Because the Internet is full of duplicate content or the same things over and over again. Have you ever seen a news story come out Online?. And you end up reading about the same thing on 100,000 sites, with only a word or two changed. And so when you write your Original Thoughts, your Original Words, your Original Article that nobody else, from the 8 Billion Other Humans Currently, has on their Blog. Yours will be truly original content, just like this article you are currently reading. So write it, and then Use Meta Tags At The Head Of Your Article, so the search engines could find it, and then JUST POST.

Second top way to make money at home blogging: Get As Much Free Advertising.
What I mean by that is, Fellow Money Getter, do not ever waste you money on these Stupid and Fraudulent Websites that promise to send 100,000 Visitors in one day for $19.99. They are all scams that use robots to keep clicking on your site just for a second, with no real visitors. And the irony of this is that, doing this will end up hurting you with the search engines. Because Google, Bing, Yahoo for example, just love when you get a visitor ( Human, Unique ) and he or she ends up staying for at least a few minutes, and hopefully will then leave a comment, good or bad. Because the more time your visitor stays on your Blog, and the more Comments you receive, all this tells the search engine that your site is popular, unique, fresh and exactly what the world is looking for. 

So instead, post short snippets or 2-3 lines of your article where ever you can in all the social networks. Along with other people Blogs, just change those few lines around with each comment you leave. And of course do attach the address of your article or Blog. And again, the search engines will just love your blog. Because it will look to them that you have links of your Blog or that great original, unique article everywhere on the web. Also your great Free Traffic will come from those people. As well important to note, all it takes is one very popular person on those social networks to read your comment of their little posts, and then go visit your Blog. And if they like it, BAM!. They recommend it to their millions of followers, and then in one day you will see 10,000 visitors, and never know where it comes from. And now you can get them as Subscribers or Buyer to whatever little things you are selling at the end of your article. P.S. Never sell people at the beginning of your great article, for the article or your Genius Thoughts are "The Give", and at the end is " Your Take."

Make Money On Your Home Business Blog... Finally: Sell Something.
Now don't think you have to try to sell people garbage, because first of all there is The Great You. Yes you can sell them Subscription to your great thoughts and knowledge that will change their lives, as well as solve their problems. And two you can add a few Affiliate Links of other great people products and E-Books, and have them share with you up to 75% of the profits. Because if it wasn't for you and your visitors, then that person would never have the sales. 
Now I am not a big fan of AdSense or Space advertising... Because I personally do not like Anything that takes away your visitor from your Blog, to other great Fresh Content. I do not mind them to going to a sales page to go buy a book or a product that you recommend. But having them going to another website that has great news, great videos, and gossip contents... then they
may never return to your small Blog. And plus, once they click on that add for the most part, you will make a few cents or a few dollars for that click. But when they get there, if they buy something you will never get 40 to 75% of the sales compared to Affiliate Links. 

And so with those 3 top ways, If You Follow And Use Them, you will make money with your home business blog. And remember dear friend, just like with any business, it is all about the number. Remember back in the days when Junk Mail was effective marketing, just how much of it would you get over and over?. That is because the Advertisers knew that the human mind will accept and respond to any thing it sees and hears after 9 introductions. And so do not reinvent the wheel of Human Psyche, just do what Humans will respond to. And keep presenting your great little Blog in front of them any and everywhere, over and over again. But each time with a little twist. James Dazouloute


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