3 Main Reasons Why You Must Do Gardening

 Why Gardening is so great for you...

First, Gardening Is Meditative And Relaxes You.
For all you have to worry about, for all the complex puzzles that you face and can't seem to find an answer to, and for all the bad health you have been having lately... Gardening is the answer, especially the outdoor kind where you can Create with your very hands the very foods or flowers that you want to come forth. And while you are digging into the Earth, you now have a chance to re-connect with the place where your body came from, also interact with all that are inside your body but on the outside, such as: Worms, iron, copper, zinc, boron, water etc. And by re-connecting with Mother Earth, then your meditation will begin and the answers you are seeking will come flowing inside you. And not to forget that when you are gardening, your blood pressure is lowered, your energy level goes up, and your sense of accomplishment goes way up.

2nd. Main Reason: Gardening Will Connect You Back With God, Or The Source.
In the beginning Man was made to be a gardener and to tend to all that is beautiful and relaxing to God. And this is why God placed him inside paradise or Eden, and why every evening God would come down to interact with man. So as you can see, the primary duty of mankind is to be a gardener, and even after man body was changed, he was told to eat fruits, vegetable, nuts, and live off the garden. Then when he was kicked out of the garden, he still was told to till the land so that his food could come from it. And since you already know that you have a very loving Father God, who has the biggest weakness for you and who wants so badly to re-connect with you (It is not His wish that anyone shall perish, but have everlasting life), then you must know that He wants you to go back to the original plan or design and take up gardening again, and become a vegetarian once more, and then worship Him for all the wondrous foods and flowers He allows you to Co-Create with Him.

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3rd. Reason: Gardening With Your Lover Is The Best Date Of All.
If you are having marital problems, or relationship issues with the love of your life, then the very best therapy or best way to work things out is by starting a garden together, preferably an outdoor one in the front or backyard. Because when you two are kneeling down together, you are both submitting yourselves to one another and re-connecting with Mother Earth where you both came from originally. Then by building or seeding the very foods that you both must eat to have perfect health, or by planting the most beautiful flowers that you both love, then your connection will be at its strongest, for love and survival will be intertwined. Won't You Start Gardening Today?... Your Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

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