Why You Should Always Mind Your Business.

MIND YOUR BUSINESS... Because there is No One else on this Planet who will mind it the way you do, since they have no reason to protect you, no advantage in helping you and no duty to help you. So mind your own business and your money will always be right there with you. Mind what God Has made a path for you to create, and which you had to search for, had to work so hard for, and now finally have... And it will all stay yours to do with as you wish. Just like many who have come before you, and have prospered.

Yes Please do, watch over it like a Hawk, and be fierce into safeguarding what is yours. Now it doesn't mean that you become vicious, or you go out to steal what is not yours like the Spaniards did in Africa, or the Germans who stole the diamond mines in Africa, or you invade other countries for their oil, or you kill the Indians for their land, and then say that you are rich and this is your business. Because you have tried this evil in so many ways in your own way, and all your ill gotten gains have comeback to smash against you and all your dreams, and in the end you have always been worst than when you started. And then you had to start back all over again, and that made you feel as if you were washing your hands and wiping it in mud. So,

Instead, you must be mindful of what needs to be done each day to move forward, be mindful of your creativity and create new paths of success, new products to help others, new knowledge to elevate others, and along the way your fortune will rise. Yes do mind your own business to prosper, do mind even your own mind, that sometimes wants to betray you and begin to be negative and telling you to give up, and be very mindful of all those you associate with and their negative energies along with their evil intentions to steal what is not theirs, and then tell you that it's alright you deserve it... Yes Be Very Mindful Of Your Business Fellow Money Getter... James Dazouloute

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