Why Shop For Gold.

 Why shop for gold....

Because they are exactly what your skin needs to reflect your greatness, and bring out the perfect you. Shop for gold because you have been conditioned to accept that gold is very rare, and is to be hoarded, even though there are mountains and mountains of it, just like diamonds. And so you must play along, you must participate in order to get your fair share, in order to have heirlooms to pass down to your bloodline.

Because when it comes to investment along with real form of money, then Gold has no equal. For it has lasted the test of times. And anytime the fake paper money that your Government has forced you to use, gets swallowed up by Inflation, then everyone runs to Gold, and its value goes up even more. Also anytime that the stock market takes a heavy hit, or there is war, or giant disasters... You Guessed It, Gold is treasured. And there are many countries and their residents on the other side of the world who worship Gold, hoard Gold and will kill for that shiny rock. So Shop For Gold Today, because it will save your life, in the sense of allowing You to barter for food, for medicine, for favors, for privileges, for servants.... James Dazouloute

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