Where Is My Money... A Poem.

 What happened to my money a poem..

Where Is My Money, that I have been needing all of my life, and where is the great fortune that I have been told I inherited as a Son Of God? So I need my money to do what is important, I need my money to be great, I need my money to be a Philanthropist, and I need to buy favors... So please do not delay any longer Mr. Money.

Where is Lady Luck, who is supposed to help me win The Lottery so I can get my hands on my money? Where is Lady Favor, who is supposed to give me unmerited favor with anyone and everyone? And where is Ms. Wishing Star, who is supposed to come by in my neighborhood so I could make my wish to have my money? So just what is going on with everybody but me?

 Good money to get .

I am really in need of my money, I am really having a bad day because of the debt collectors who are hounding me. And so I could use you Money, I could really enjoy your companionship, I could really actually live the kind of life I am writing this money poem about. And I could make Fake Friends fast, by having them hanging around me for my money.

So Mr. Money stop being shy and come on in, and feel free to make yourself at home. For my home is your home, my pockets are your pockets, my financial dreams are your financial dreams. And my fantasy adventures are yours as well, and I know that you don't want to miss out on all the fun. So just fill yourself up in my safe at home, and then leave everything to me and be ready for the ride. 
 Time is money a poem..

Where is my money? For I am now getting frustrated and my patience is running thin, because I see my neighbors driving their Mercedes with my money, I see them enlarging their Mansions with my finances, I see them put their kids in Private School with my promised money, and I am a witness to their fat Retirement Plans that my money is funding. What Is The Deal?

Some say that Money is the root of all evil, and it is always those who do not have Him as a friend or even an invited guest. But for those who have Mr. Money as a partner, a friend, and even a family relative, then Money is the root of all happiness and Joy. As well the root of all people kissing up to you. So for me, I invite you Mr. Money to come and hang out. I am your long lost little brother who got separated by a mistake of misfortune, I am he who was supposed to go everywhere with you, and I am he who was supposed to be your face in public and with success.

 How to get money..

This Money Poem is my last attempt to reach out to the Universe to Right This Wrong, to fix this mistake, to clear up the red tapes, and to give me my money. I do not want to have to sue God for empty promises of financial abundance, or for false advertising saying that if I follow Him then He will grant me the desires of my heart. So with that, I do not want to have to appear to the 12 Elders, nor do I want to testify in front of the Archangels, and I definitely do not want to get technical with The Great I Am. And so I Just Need My Money.  James Dazouloute

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