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The game Yu-Gi-Oh is all the rage in the world, but more especially so in the United States, since this card game has created an enormous cult following by having added great monetary value to their special power cards. And now you have conventions at all times of the year in many cities, along with a lot of different competition taking place locally and nationally. And of course one friend will influence his or her other friends to join in and play, and one child will influence his or her parents to join in and accompany that child to all types of events to pump up this seemingly innocent but very addictive game. But what is Yu-Gi-Oh?
 What is YuGiOh...

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Well here is what is said about YuGiOh:
YuGiOh is a Japanese manga series about gaming created by Kazuki Takahashi (Studio Dice). Yu-Gi-Oh was originally a Japanese manga, (backwards comic) and evolved into a cartoon and eventually a card game. with new sets of cards coming out every few months. It is a popular card game that began more than a decade ago primarily in Japan and then moving its way into the Americas and all across the world, and is one of the (if not) most popular card games in the world. However, strangely enough Yu Gi Oh is not the most popular TCG in Japan, where it was created, but rather Duel Masters. 

Basically, its a card game, with monster cards, trap cards and magic cards, you can summon up to 5 monsters and 5 magic/trap cards. each monster has a number of stars which represents its level, lv 1-4 you can summon it onto the field in attack or defense position, lv 5-6 you need to sacrifice one of the monsters on your field to summon it, lv 7-10 usually requires 2 summons unless stated otherwise. the attack and defense values are showed on the card, when the monster is in defense and you kill it with a monster with higher attack the opponent takes no damage with his life points, if it is in attack and you kill it with a monster with higher attack, 

The player takes damage (his monsters attack - monster that killed him attack) to his life points, players can use magic cards to assist them in game, the card effects are written on the magic cards, and trap cards can be used when an opponent attacks, activates a magic or activates a trap, trap cards usually involve destroying the opponents monsters or dealing damage to life points. players start out with 8000 life points each, when there are no monsters on the opponents field you can do a direct attack on the opponent with your monster, which will subtract your life points by the monsters attack. there are also monster effects most of which are flip effects in which you summon your monster in defence position (face down) and flip it up or let it get attacked/ destroyed to activate the effect, there are also other effects for many monsters, most are not the same.

What or Who is behind the YuGiOh Phenomenon? 

Here Is What Some Have Said Online
It is the devil (satan), who uses his demonic power to blind the minds of children and adults nationwide to the dangers of Yu-Gi-Oh. Yu-Gi-Oh is an occult oriented game and anything of the occult is dangerous. You say, “that is ridiculous! Yu-Gi-Oh is just kids stuff, a card game, a cartoon!” That is exactly what Satan wants you to believe.
Satan wants to do everything contrary to God and his word (The Bible). He has counterfeits to everything God has and will often add a lot of truth with his lies to deceive people. Satan himself is the father of sin. 1 John 3:8 says... So What Do You Think, is there any truth to this?

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But here is what has been written from the official Yu-Gi-Oh website:

"Meet Yugi, and his best buds, Joey, Tristan, and Téa. They share a love for the newest game that's sweeping the nation: Duel Monsters!Duel Monsters is a card-battling game in which players pit different mystical creatures against one another in wild, magical duels! Packed with awesome monsters and mighty spell-cards, Yugi and his friends are totally obsessed with the game. 
But there's more to this card game than meets the eye!
Legend has it five thousand years ago, ancient Egyptian Pharaoahs used to play a magical game very similar to Duel Monsters. This ancient game involved magical ceremonies, which were used to foresee the future and ultimately, decide one's destiny. They called it the Shadow Game, and the main difference back then was that the monsters were all real! With so many magical spells and ferocious creatures on the earth, it wasn't long before the game got out of hand and threatened to destroy the entire world! Fortunately, a brave Pharaoh stepped in and averted this cataclysm with the help of seven powerful magical totems. 
 Best Yugioh Cards...

Now, in present times, the game has been revived in the form of playing cards.
Meanwhile, Yugi's grandfather gives Yugi an old Egyptian puzzle that no one can solve, but when Yugi finally pieces the puzzle together, his life is forever changed. The puzzle instills Yugi with incredible powers, and ultimately creates his alter ego, Yami Yugi!
Soon after, the mysterious creator of the Duel Monsters card game, Maximillion Pegasus, kidnaps Yugi's grandfather and Yugi is drawn into a Duel Monster's competition that Pegasus arranged. Now Yugi must duel his way through a tournament and defeat Pegasus in order to save his grandfather. 
How will Yugi do it? Will the help of his friends, his belief in the heart of the cards, and the mysterious power of his magical Millennium Puzzle be enough?
Giant monsters! Powerful magic! And ancient Egyptian legends! Yu-Gi-Oh! King of Games! is one action-packed adventure series that holds all the cards! It's your move.

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