What Is Success And How Do You Attain It In Your Biz.

 How to have success..

What Is Success? Is a question that so many have asked in so many areas of life, because Success is being driven toward, every single dream that a person could ever have. And whether you are an amateur athlete who wants Success in becoming a world record holder, or a musician who just wants to become very famous as a form of Success, or you are now barely making ends meet and you want to attain Success in becoming rich... So What Is Success Beloved, And Just How Do You Attain It?

For What Success Actually Is, will always be determined first by You, and then by the Society and Culture that You live in. And Success is always defined by You first, because you are the one who has to live within yourself, within your troubles and miseries, within your passion and dreams. And if you ever get to the point where you are satisfied with what you have around you and within you, then That Is Success. Also, if you follow Your Society and Culture through different areas of life, such as through Advertising, through The Media, through Fads, through the Latest Gadgets... Then Only When You Have Acquired all that you are being told and shown, will You ever have Success.

What Is Success And What Prevent You From Achieving Success? IN ALL TRUTH AND HONESTY: Lack Of Purpose Is The Death Of Success. 
When You don't know where you are going, when you do have a plan but refuse to follow it, when you don't know what you want, when you don't care what happens to you and what others do around that will affect you, when you don't aspire to do anything worthwhile... Then All These Things And More, Are The Death Of Success In Your Life. Because for you to enjoy any kind of Success, whether by Your own bar that you set, or whether by Society's Bar, You will have to get involved and start to live within your purpose that you or God have created for you. And then once you have accomplished what is within your mind and heart, Then This Is What Success Is.

 Best route to success..

So Starting Today, As Your Life Coach, allow me to encourage You to begin to set goals that are clearly defined about what you want to do, and where you want to go and be. And then Begin to find small ways to motivate yourself each day, whether by Me or a Friend, or by some set of Circumstances. Meaning For example, let's say that you want to Work Out Every Day, and you have written down in your goals what you want to do for exercises, for how long, and what time of day. 

Now everyday, you must find something or someone to keep you motivated until you get into the flow of things, not just as a habit after 18 days, but after a few months where now Working Out Is Within Your Blood. And so today you might be watching TV and see your favorite Star in great shape, then you allow that to be your motivation for that day. Or you have just been invited to a party next weekend, and you know some people you like will be there, then let that become your encouragement and motivation for the entire week to become toned. Or you happen to know some people who are very fit, then you tag along with them, but don't hinder them, and you use them as the bar for you. All Along The Way To Success...

And along the way also, you will have questions toward your Goals Of Attaining Success. And so what you must do, just like an Athlete or a Musician, you must find yourself a Coach. Not so much a Coach of Sports, no A Coach who is knowledgeable and can look at your body, and listen to your mind expressing thoughts and fears and blockades, and now let that kind of person help You to become more of what You truly already are... A Success In Hiding... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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