What Are The Things That Are Stopping You From Making Money.

 What's stopping you from making money...

Need to make money, so what are the things that are stopping you?. Is it family demands, is it not having a business partner or is it because you are afraid of taking a big risk?. And really fellow money getter, you have got to begin living the kind of lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. Remember, the kind you used to daydream about while sitting in your one bedroom apartment with the window A / C not working, and you swore that you will be prosperous beyond measure; and then you would use that prosperity to help other people who have less?.

So what happened, and what keeps on happening to you  everyday?. And why is it that you are still at the same place you were 5 years ago?. Well for one thing you probably have started a family and then your career either got in the way or arrived at a crossroad. But there never need to be a crossroad, and that is because you are a very “ Multi – Talented “ person, and you are at your best whenever life is pulling  you in many directions. And if you are wondering, yes. Your family is one of the great blessings given to you by God and that is because as human beings we do not care that much about ourselves; but when we are given a cause, then that drives us to multitask  and juggle life.  So when you are faced with a career opportunity and you have a family, then embrace it and involve your family. And why?. Because life is bigger than you and your destiny is even greater than you, so what you have to do is use momentum to your advantage in business. By using the gravity of the opportunity and let it gently flow toward you and move forward with certainty, and grind in gear.

Second issue could be that you need or do not have a business partner. 
But first of all, you were born alone in this world and no matter how much friendship and human love you get in this world, you will leave it alone. Now with that said, I must ask you to remember what God said in his words: One can put a thousand to flee and two can put ten thousand to flee. And two heads are also better than one my friend, because they can turn back to back and face all troubles in all directions. So are you starting to see the importance of having a business partner?. And even when disciples were being sent out into the world, they were always ordered to go two by two. So look for a business partner in your wife, husband, best friend , co – worker, acquaintance and even a stranger. And there is only one rule to follow: Be gentle as a dove, yet as wise as a serpent. Trust everyone, yet trust no one. And what do I mean by that?.  I mean trust everyone until they let you down, then trust them again with boundaries until they let you down, then trust them again with boundaries and regulations. Because if there is one thing that I am very sure of in life: Every person will let you down sooner or later: Family, friends, mother, father,  lover, children etc.

And the third issue of : Need to make money, so what are the things that are stopping you?.  Is, are you afraid to take a big risk?. 
And my friend, each day that you step outside of your door you take big risks because you do not know what traps and troubles lie on the roads. You take big risks driving on the roads and not knowing what the other drivers are thinking of, and yet you trust them to stay in their lanes and stop at lights; all the while keeping your eyes wide opened. And getting into a business to make money has the same requirements, you jump in with both feet like you do in your vehicle and you just go; but all the while you keep your eyes wide opened looking out for pitfalls. Just like I am writing this article, and I have no idea if you or a million others will read this. Yet, I jump in with both feet and I write the best article I can right now, and I am going to position it in different places, and then I will be looking out for pit falls for where people may not be seeing it.

So in conclusion, get up today and dust off your dreams. 
Do not let your career get in the way of you and your family, embrace both. Because one will make you plenty of money, while the other will drive you to help you make that money. Also you are going to look for a business partner  within anyone and everyone, and you are going to trust them again, again and again with boundaries. Then you are going to do what you do every hour of your life, and start taking risks by going out and scream to the world that you are here, and you will not be denied your share of wealth and prosperity. James Dazouloute

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