Top 5 Questions To Answer For Your Online Homebased Business

 Online homebased business what to know..

Online Homebased Business... Is a must nowadays, Because technology has given us all the keys to open the doors to success. But before you can make Billions on the Internet, and have your picture featured in the top money magazines as a Business Guru, you must know how to start a business, how to organize that business, how to recognize your market, and even how your competitors are operating. Because to be Number One in your Online Homebased Business is  non-negotiable, because you have to build a Legacy to leave behind so that your name could be immortalized, as the greatest Philanthropist who ever lived. So today I intend to share with you the top 5 questions to ask and then answer, in order to be successful in your business.

First top question for your online homebased business: Who Are My Customers?.
Before you can make any money, you must know exactly who you are going to be selling your idea, your knowledge, your products and your services to? Because, what you do not want is to be selling Bibles and you are approaching a group of Devil worshipers. Although, this would be exactly what they need, but they will definitely not want your product. Or you are selling Opera type songs to teenagers who listen to Punk Rock. So you must know who your customers are for the business idea you have.

Second great question to ask and answer: How Big Is The Size Of Your Customers?.
If you want to sell information about How To Invest In Gold, you do now want the size of your gold customers to be about 100 people, and the rest of the people are interested in investing in New Airplanes. Because you have to have enough people interested in what you're selling to make any money, or you will have to create and make them interested like the Big Corporations do with their Subliminal Advertising. So know roughly through research done by you or others, how many will be interested. Just like this article I am writing, I had to first find out that 40,000 people locally are looking for “Online Homebased Business“, monthly. So How Many For Your Business Idea?.

Third question and answer for Online Homebased Business: What Communication Device Will You Use To Reach them?.

You can have the best business in the world, you can have the greatest service on the Planet, but if no one knows about it, then you are doomed to fail. And it is definitely up to you to reach out and touch your customer base. And do you remember back in the days before all this technology came about, and there was Junk Mail? The Advertisers used to send you the same Junk Mail at least 7 times in a row, because that is how many times for someone who is not interested in something, to become just a little bit curious about it. And that used to cost them so much. But nowadays, you have Email, texting, keywords, pay per clicks, telephones, faxes, video conferencing, social networking etc... How many will you use to reach your customer base?

Fourth top question to ask to make money: How Will You And Your Customers Benefit?
Just like I am writing this article, I am bringing you awareness, I am sharing my knowledge with you so you could use it to make money, and I am helping you with your online homebased business. And for me, hopefully you will subscribe and increase my reader base, and then maybe you will purchase a book or visit one of my sponsors. And that is how you and I will benefit from my service. So for what you're selling, just how will your customers benefit? You already know that you want to make money, but what great values will they get out of what you're selling. And it should never be just one benefit, you must be so invaluable that they only want to get it from you. 

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Fifth answer you must have for your Online Homebased Business:  What Is Your Competition Doing?
When you are running any kind of business, you must always be aware of what the competition is up to.  And Big Corporations believe in this so much, that they will use Espionage to spy on each other, they will plant their own employees to work for the other company. Just to gather information on their competition. So if the big guys who are making Trillions of dollars combined, check-out their competition, do you not think that you too must do so? Because in life there is never an empty space, as soon as one becomes available something else will always quickly step in. So any void that you leave out there, your competition will fill it,  and even when you are servicing your customers, the competition will even try to steal away the little bit you have. So you must check-out the other websites, check-out the other companies, the other writers, the other painters, the other fashion designers, the other sellers. Because your business survival depend on it.

So there you have it, Fellow Money Getter, there you have the keys to having and running  a successful Online Homebased Business. Because you should never  give up on your dream, you should never think that the world does not need what you have to offer, and you should never stop building your legacy to become immortalized. James Dazouloute 

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