The Rich And The Super Rich, How To Understand And Join Them.

 How to understand the rich..

To  begin with Dear Friend, we'll go back to as recent as the 80's when there were only a dozen Billionaires in America, and yet today  we have well over 3000 and Growing. And if you look at that Number Verses the 300 Million or so Americans, That would be way, way below 1 percent. More like .00001%, and yet they control the entire Wealth of the Nation.

And believe me, contrary to what the Hypocrites might tell you, Wealth is not a Sin to Have. For the World is yours and the Universe was given to you to bend at your will. So the ability to obtain Wealth was a gift given to all by our Creator God, and so why is it that only 0.00001% of the World's 8 Billion Humans only Understand and Have the Proper Mindset to get Wealth?. 

Well Read on and I Will Share With you my Friend, because you see the problem started with most of Us when we were little babies and we kept being told by our Loving Mom and Hardworking Father Things Like: Money doesn't grow on trees around here, There is only so much money to go around in this World, Rich people are greedy and take it all, Money isn't everything, Money can't buy happiness, We can't afford it right now and You have to work hard for a living to make money.

 How to join the rich..

And it has been said that the Wealth of this World is controlled and owned like a Pyramid System, for it starts wide at the bottom and at the very top it becomes as tiny as a fingernail. For example if There was a big extra large Pizza and it was to be split between 10 People, so that would be 10 Pieces. But Imagine 1 person shows up and get 9 pieces, and the one piece that is left is for the next person in line and they take half of that one piece. And the other half piece that is left has to be split between the other 8 people. So now you see how the mass of the People are eating just Crumbs, but it's not the fault of the first person who got all nine Pieces. Because in the room there were certain rules to follow Like: Being allowed to persuade others, being able to buy off as many pieces as you want, being allowed to be first and being allowed to create illusion in others mind and make them feel Full. So the First Person is the Pioneer, The Entrepreneur, The Buyer and The Illusionist. And so that's how the Wealth of The World has been attained. And then  pass down between Family members for Generations. Got It?...

 How to get rich in business..

The Rich And The Super Rich, How To Understand And Then Join Those Who Control Wealth. And Now how to help you with How to join those who control Wealth. And first, you have to learn a new mindset; and I know you've heard this a thousand times before: Things Come to you as you truly wished them to appear. Sickness, Danger, Health, Power, Love, Bad Luck, Wealth, Strength. They all come to you in the amount of Values that you place on each one deep down inside your Heart and Your Mind. To help you further, let's look at a couple of example of this: Do you think that Bill Gates just stumbled his big toe and got wealthy in the Computer Business?. No my Friend, Mr. Gates is very smart and have great drives; but it all started early on in life for him with the right mindset from his parents. And sure they were well to do but they understood enough to begin encouraging Mr. Gates by being the Pioneers on buying for Mr. Gates School one of the earliest Computers. And that got Him on the road for his brain and heart to start wanting to do more. Second and real quick let us look at the Rapper  " Jay- Z " ( Husband of Singer Beyonce ), and when he was little his mother went out and got him a " Boom Box " to get him on the way to the mindset of being a Musician / Rapper.

 Why you must get rich..

And In closing, To help you become part of The Rich and The Super Rich, You must learn to start following your passion at all costs and through all barriers. No Complaining, And No Making Excuses. Then you Have To Learn That: " You Can Not Collect Water With A Closed  Fist ". You have to start Giving Away your talent for FREE, and free is something that everybody loves. 

Because  when you give yourself away for FREE, the whole World will take Notice. And Just Look at all the Great Prophets in All Religions, What Did they all have in common?. They all gave their Talent, Gift and Understanding away for FREE, and in doing that they became the Greatest and Got Offered the Wealth of the World. ( They all turned that down of course, for it was not their Goal ). But For You If Wealth is your Goal, then Give Away your Passion and Your Talent That you are the Best at; and People will start to give you Money, Power and Prestige only then will you become part of The Rich And The Super Rich. James Dazouloute

 How to get rich like the super rich...

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