Team Leadership, How To Get Others To Help You Be Successful.

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Team Leadership, How To Move A Crowd. Now you already know that in your long “ Bucket List “, you dream of being a great business leader and a leader  in general. You dream of having an idea, and then you move a crowd of people to flock to your idea and help make it a worldwide idea. And you also dream of finding a great cause, like: The civil rights movement, end hunger, occupy wall street, cure for cancer, wealth redistribution etc. And to join the people who already live by this cause and move them, with your team leadership skills to new heights unimaginable.

So today I will share with you ideas on how to be a team leader in your business ventures, as well as in your social ventures so you can take an idea to the local, national, international and global level. And the first thing to realize my friend is that we are all interconnected, and we crave interaction with one another. As you know: When you smile, the person you are in contact with ends up smiling; when you yawn, that person ends up yawning also. Even when you hear a baby crying, it automatically brings sadness to your heart because of the human interconnection. Also important to note, people are dying to join you everyday if you just put your words in a format that move them; I mean look at all the social networks and see how many people join one another  and they don't even really have an important cause.

 Team leadership, how to be a leader..

Team Leadership, How To Move A Crowd. And to move them you must first join them or ask them to join you.
For this is where that human interconnection has to happen. You must make them part of you and you part of them, I mean you must talk as “ We “. Because when you say we, people feel that you know them, you understand them, you sympathize with them and you will also struggle with them. Just take a look at the big Corporations, or the top Politicians; they all will use the word “ We. “ Remember, “ Yes We Can?. “

Another way to move a crowd is to make them an extension of yourself.
Whatever ideas you have, make them “ Our “ ideas. Whatever they are tired of, you must become tired of as well and even more. If they feel as though nobody care, then you must take up the whole cross and drag it, and make them feel that together, you and them have enough caring to carry on. And soon that caring will spread to the whole world and to the whole of humanity. If they are little, you show them that you are their giant and “ A  Giant Is As A Giant Does “, also you give them hope from your hope, you give them courage to face the music when the chips are down, from your courage.  And if they are angry because of setbacks and failures of that great business or social idea, then you stir that anger from the inside of you and guide them to diversify their efforts into complete success.

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And in team leadership, you must forever have a rallying call, “ Always. “
You must have a goal, you must have an anthem, you must have a greater reason as to why the people are joining your cause. Whether it's your business or a great social injustice, you must have something much bigger than you and much bigger than them. Because no matter how great your idea is or how gracious your cause is, you will encounter great enemies who will be way stronger than you could ever be, you will hit brick walls that a bulldozer can not take down, and you definitely will have monumental setbacks that you and your people could never dream of suffering. And so this is where your rallying call comes in, or your flag, or your anthem, of your reason to live and succeed. I mean look at every country and their flag, look at every big corporation and their logo, look at every great cause like cancer and see it's rallying call and logo. So find the much greater good or the much greater purpose, for as you can see: For some it is their God – for others it is their Faith – and even others it is their search for a Cure.

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Team Leadership, How To Move A Crowd. And one more way is to be Super – Passionate. 
I mean you must live by the motto: “ All or Nothing” Or “ Success or Go Home. “ So you must be extremely vigorous in what you do as a people. So move as one, breath as one, live as one, speak as one and think as one. You must speak with great authority about what you are saying about your cause, as if you were the God that created it as a people, and you are the only God as a people that can sustain it as well. You must be voracious in your speech, you must be a “ Ninja “ in your planning as a people, and you must be a “ Zen Master “ in your execution. So as the leader give all that you can give to your business or  your social cause, and then when you have nothing else to give, then dig deep and pull out your “ Very Soul “ to keep on giving. All so that you become the well that others will come to drink from, and they become insane with it. Just  like the way I have written this article for you to drink from.

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So you see my friend, to move a crowd as part of team leadership is not really that hard. But only a handful of super great thinkers have accomplished this throughout history. Whether it was for good or for evil. As well, learn from the all the 19 major religions of the world and see what these Gods have done to move the people, and you will see that they have used a lot of these same steps. Why?. Because the laws of success in anything you undertake are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. James Dazouloute

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