Shopping Addiction... 3 Things To Always Do To Control It.

 Help with shopping addiction...

Because You are already aware just how bad and how strong, any kind of Addiction can be to anyone who fall victim to such horrible conditions. Also, You need to be aware that More than 18 million Americans are Shopaholics, and not counting the rest of the population of the world. And because of that, you should always be very careful and not allow this Addiction to creep up on you. Since Shopping Addiction is sometimes referred to as "Shopoholism," and it can wreak havoc on a person's life, family, and finances. And of course if you are married, then this Addiction can ruin your vows. So today I am going to share with You, 3 things to always do to control Shopping Addiction and have it not creep up on you and ruin you.
To control Shopping Addiction, 1st. thing to always do: Pay for purchases by cash, check, debit card.

And really Beloved, you already know this: Don't Spend Money You Don't Have. 
But with the availability of Payment plans, Easy Credit and Lay-Away, then you can quickly fall into the trap of buying what you can't afford, then only to feel bad and be depressed afterward, and then to only start going shopping again to make yourself feel better. So pay for your purchases with cash or debit card, and don't use the Bank's overdraft. Just buy what is within your budget, and remember that 99% of your purchases are non-emergencies.

Second way to not fall into the trap of Shopping Addiction: Make a shopping list and only buy what is on the list. 
Again, what I am telling you now, you already know. But you just need a reminder so you can regain your focus on what needs to be done the right ways. And when it comes to Shopping to your heart's content and being Happy afterward, then you must Make A List, and Respect The List.. And just go in and out, by going down your list for what you need and that is within your budget.

Shopping Addiction... 3rd. Thing To Always Do To Control It: Avoid phoning in catalog orders, avoid cruising shopping sites Online, and don't watch TV shopping channels. Because all of these activities will cause You to be infected with The Fever of Shopping, And then you will quickly fall victim to overspending, as well as buying a lot of what you don't need that will end up laying around in your garage and closet.

Bonus: Get The Right State Of Mind... Because the mind can trick You into thinking and fully believing that You are helpless, that you are so dependent on Shopping, that you must spend money that you don't have just so you could be happy. And it's kind of like when you are in bed and it's cold outside, your mind can make you not want to get up and miss the whole day's work, because you think that you would freeze to death, but as soon as you get up, take a warm shower, put on some warm clothes, and turn the heat on in your car... Then you realize that you are just fine, and your mind was just tricking your feelings. And so it is with your Addiction To Shopping, You must fight off the feelings and emotions that are lying to you to shop till you drop, with Monies you don't have, and then to only be more depressed afterward. Your Shopping Advocate, James Dazouloute

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