Shop Plastic Surgery... And Have Bad Health.

 Bad health with plastic surgery...

Bad Plastic Surgery... And Bad Health. Both go hand in hand, and the days of your happy life will be shortened, also you will live out your days in pain, in shame, in embarrassment and in feeling very silly for having abused your body. But I know that you don't believe me Beloved, since the News Media along with Society have conditioned You to drink every single bit of filth that they pour down your throat. And it will always be when it is too late, it will always be when that thick Silicone has turned on you and begin to eat your insides, or when that procedure to shape your face to look like someone else is now eating your skin, and has forced you to be under constant medication, that you will finally realize the errors of your ways. 

But sadly enough, it will be too late. The effect of that Bad Plastic Surgery will already be irreversible, it will already be leading you to a painful death. And then you will be one of those who will be back in the News Media looking for sympathy, asking others to join your walk, to help give money to save your life, and not to forget that all of a sudden You will want to bring awareness and champion your brought on illness.. But only to go out and line up for the next procedure. 

 shop plastic surgery and suffer...

And I know you think I am sounding harsh, but this story has been told a million times, and yet no one listens. And I am hoping that You, will be the First One to fight off the fad, to fight off Hollywood, to fight off Society, and Mankind's Arrogance into thinking that he or she is God. So I Beg Of You Beloved, please do not let Society conform you to their wants and silliness, just Stay Unique, Be You, The Beautiful or Handsome You, and continue to be the Perfectly Created You. Your Health Advocate...  James Dazouloute


1. Contrary to popular belief that Plastic Surgery involves plastic or other man made materials, the origin of the name traces back to Greece. “Plastic” is derived from the Greek “plastikos”, meaning “to mold or shape.” The term “surgery” is derived from the Greek kheirourgos, from kheir – “hand” + ergon – “work.”
2. The first recorded use of the term plastic surgery was by Karl Ferdinand Graefe in his 1818 book titled “Rhinoplastik”.
3. Many people believe that plastic surgery is one of the oldest forms of surgery, and that craniotomies were the one of the first surgeries, dating back to the Peruvians about 10,000 BC.
4. Reconstructive Surgery dates back to about 3000 BC in India, with skin grafts being performed to repair noses and ears, damaged in battles or as a form of punishment.
5. Italian Gaspare Tagliacozzi (1546-1599) is widely considered the “father of modern plastic surgery.” His text book De curtorum chirugiau noted the need for plastic surgery due to a pervasive outbreak of syphilis which destroyed the nose.
6. Surgeons who served in WWI established the American Association of Plastic Surgery in 1931 and were instrumental in stopping unregulated plastic surgery.
7. WWII brought new techniques that included rebuilding entire limbs, extensive skin grafts, microsurgery, antibodies, and increased knowledge about tissue health.
8. Women made up 91% of all plastic surgery procedures in 2011, and men accounting for 9% of the total procedures.
9. Americans spent over $14 Billion dollars on plastic surgery procedures in 2011.
10. In 2011, there were 13.8 million cosmetic procedures performed in the USA. 

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 Is plastic surgery good for health..

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