Reasons Why You Must, Must Get Some Sleep

 Best reasons why you must sleep..

Sleep is not your enemy, nor does it hate you, and it does not even care at what hours of the day you make it a slave of yours to serve you, to help you, and to replenish you, because all Sleep wants to do is be the catalyst for you become stronger, healthier and more focus. So it behooves to treat Sleep like a business, by making plans and having goals about how and when you will sleep. Also you must put a good amount of sleep inside you, inside your energy bank and your brain bank; so that on the days that you have to work 17 hours, you can then draw on that energy surplus, draw on the healthy well rested brain cells energy. And then you can go on about your business, and not have to worry about if you are going to faint, if you are going to hallucinate, if you are going to have bags under your eyes, if you are going to be moody and irritable and if you are even going to die early from a weak heart. So starting today Beloved, you must start to get your act together, by first finding out all that you can about the effects of Sleep, its benefits, its many ways of causing illnesses and even ways to master it and make it come quickly when you need it to. All because everything you are to be depend on the amount of sleep you get along with the quality you get, and do not forget about your bloodline since you have a duty toward them to have them inherit only the best of you and not a whole bunch of hereditary illnesses, simply because you never got enough sleep for 30 or 40 years of your life. James Dazouloute, Health Coach.

So Now Let's See About Losing Sleep And Losing Your Mind And Health:

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 How to fall asleep fast...

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