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How to live like the rich..

The lifestyle Of The Rich Has always fascinated us, because deep down inside we all wish that we could live the easy life. We all wish we could have servants have our disposal, or Big Business Deals in the works, or have other people fulfill our every wish, or even take trips whenever we feel like it, and not have to worry about our jobs and paying the rent. And even though there are some who are the ultimate Hypocrites, because they talk about the rich like it is a disease, and yet they are always saving money, they are always investing in new opportunities, they are always joining Multi level marketing hoping to strike it reach with a huge down line. But we are not going to focus on those Haters, because today I am going to share with you the rich lifestyle of Mrs. Huguette Clark.

Dear reader, meet Mrs. Huguette Clark.

Marcelle Clark was born in Paris on June 9, 1906. She had for a Mother, Anna La Chapelle. And for a Father, Mr. William Andrews Clark who himself was born in the year 1839, and just like any other ambitious man who wanted to make something of himself out of life, he dabbled into many failing ventures, until the 1870's when he got into mining, railroads, banking and even politics. And finally made a financial name for himself, and by that I mean he became a Millionaire many times over so he could provide for himself and his family.

After serving as a One term Senator from 1901-1907, Mr. Clark moved his family in New York, after he built a mansion at 962 Fifth Avenue, at 77th Street, and this great monument comprised of 121 rooms which included 31 bathrooms, and 4 art galleries and a theater. Additionally, there was also a swimming pool and a thundering pipe organ all for the enjoyment of his wife and 2 daughters. But the honorable Mr. Clark died in 1925, and Huguette Clark was around 20 years old, afterward her and her mother left the great mansion and moved to an elegant apartment building at 907 Fifth Avenue, at 72nd Street. A 42-room apartment on Fifth Avenue; 

 Huguette Clark, Dad And Sister..

Huguette Clark decided not long after that to become a recluse, and did not have much care to interact with the world. And Daddy had left her so much money, as Mr. Clark was worth about 150 Million dollars back then which in today's money would come to about almost 4 billion dollars if you look at Gold prices. And so she ordered everything in, and she had people come to take care of her and her every needs. As well she had a collection of dolls that would even have Barbie green with envy. And here is, during her last few years, how she lived the lifestyle of the rich: 

A doll and toy shop in Paris, was paid $2.5 million between 1997 and 2006 named Au Nain Bleu, ( At Blue Nose. )

$60 million to the IRS and in New York state income taxes, since 1996.

$1.85 million in donations to a charity in Israel.

A $5 million lump-sum payment, and around $131,000 a year to her private nurse, a Ms. Hadasah Peri, 

4.9 million since 1997 until her death in May 2011 to Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, where she lived

$3.75 million on taxes and co-op fees for her 15,000-square-foot Fifth Avenue apartment in New York.

Lifestyle of the rich, well Huguette Clark certainly lived it with Daddy's money, and even at her death in 2011, she was still worth around 400 Million Dollars. And Mr. Williams Clark was a great business man, and although he failed a few times early in his ventures he did not give up. And so you must use this story as inspiration for yourself and for your business ventures. Because you have to leave a legacy behind. And money, even though it is hated and misunderstood, has a way of being your hard working Slave for generations to come. James Dazouloute

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Photos of Clark's many preserved yet uninhabited estates, published in a new biography, "Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune," provide a view into Clark's eerie hollowness. Here's a peek into the life and mansions of Huguette Clark.
  • Huguette as a teenager
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
  • Huguette holds her violin on a balcony in Paris
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    Huguette was trained on the violin and at one point owned three instruments made by the Stradivari, the renowned violin-making family of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • View from the roof of the Clark apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    Huguette had three apartments here.
  • Doll furniture at Fifth Avenue
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
  • An uninhabited bedroom at Fifth Avenue
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
  • Huguette in an Indian costume with her father, W.A. Clark
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    The photo was taken in 1912.
  • The Clark family’s country retreat, Le Beau Château via Barbara Cleary’s Realty Guild, from the book "Empty Mansions."
    There's no bell, no buzzer, only a sign of warning outside the faded serpentine wall by the caretaker cottages of the 52-acre Le Beau Château, in New Canaan, Conn. No one has lived in it since 1951.
  • A two-story addition at Le Beau Château via Barbara Cleary’s Realty Guild, from the book "Empty Mansions."
  • The spiral front staircase of Le Beau Château via Barbara Cleary’s Realty Guild, from the book "Empty Mansions."
  • Huguette playing violin
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
  • Huguette in her debutante days
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    This photo was used by newspapers alongside her engagement announcement.
  • Bedroom at the Clark summer home, Bellosguardo, in California
    Karl Obert from
    Huguette's mother Anna's bedroom in about 1940 at Bellosguardo in Santa Barbara. A painting by Sargent hangs next to the window, showing a woman dancing the tarantella for a man on a rooftop in Capri. A photo of elder daughter Andrée is next to the lamp.
  • The dining room at Bellosguardo
    Karl Obert from
    This is one of the rooms said to have originally been in the old Clark Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York. The 167 vertical panels are each unique, carved from a single piece of black oak. The ceiling has a whimsical border with gargoyles and classical figures. This photo is from about 1940.
  • The frescoes behind Bellosguardo
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
  • The garage at Bellosguardo today
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    A 1933 Cadillac V-16 seven-passenger limousine with golden goddess hood ornament remains under an ornate chandelier inside the garage of Bellosguardo.
  • A sign in a service room off the Bellosguardo kitchen
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    Concerned with disrupting the layout of the house, a servant reportedly left the following note: "On 29 November 2001, I moved a white, wooden step stool from this room to the Main Wing elevator as an aid to rescue in case the elevator gets stuck. Harris."
  • Bellosguardo today
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
    A view of the side of the Indiana limestone facade of Bellosguardo.
  • Huguette in 1943
    Estate of Huguette Clark from
  • "Empty Mansions"
    A new biography of Huguette Clark and her estate by Bill Dedham and Paul Clark Newell, Jr.


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