How You Tempt Me So, A poem.

How You Tempt Me So much my sweet love, how you drive me to want you more than anything in this world, and how you make me adore you oh perfect love of mine. And I seem to like it, I seem to want it, I seem to want more of everything that you give to me, and I just love your temptations. Yes I do, and this makes our Romantic Family the stronger and the more in love. And now I am perfected by the ways you make me feel, I am elated by the ways you call me and talk to me in ways to seduce me. And how you give me all of you in such a submissive way that it makes feel like The Master Of The House.

I Love You My Dear Sweetheart, I love the way you tempt me to give myself always to you freely, and I love you for always trying to be unique in the ways that you devote your heart to me and to the growth of the special love that we have. And amazingly, I want more temptations for me to belong to you and give all of my heart for your happiness, and give all of my efforts to help you to become great and a legend in the eyes of the world. And I love to bless you with my kisses, I love to give you what you need just to see you have that content look on your face, and I just love to tell you how much I appreciate you and every single little finger that you lift for the sake of my heart.

How You Tempt Me So, Oh how you make me want to do some crazy things, how you guide me to open up all of my heart to you, and how you tantalize me to make love to you over and over, and over again. Yes my dearest Love, you are tempting me right now, even as I write this devotional unto you, and even as my body is continuously calling out to you, and even as I wish you would tempt me to love as if there is no tomorrow. Oh do tempt me my love, do whisper little bad things into my ears, do scream lustful things in our lovemaking and do make me give every inch as you take every yard... Tempt me, seduce me, and make me burn with desires.. I Love It and I love You for it all... James Dazouloute

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