How Will You Participate In The Olympics.

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The Olympics have been around ever since the Greeks came up with the very bright idea of fun for the global community of Mankind. Then it took off like wildfire, and Governments of certain Countries have even used the Olympics event as a way to try and demonstrate their purity, their dominance and their being the Master Race ( Hitler, Germany. ) But for whatever sinister reason the Olympics are sought to be held by a Nation, you must take the time to appreciate the greatness of Humans, the athleticism of your brothers and sisters, the encouragement that you get out of knowing what the human body can truly do, and the great satisfaction of being part of immortalized history whether as a spectator or a participating athlete. 

So the Olympics are a time to share, a time to unite, a time to cheer, a time to play, a time to be competitive, a time to meet up with others, a time to appreciate your neighbor, a time to kick off your shoes, a time to stand behind your Nation, a time to find joy, a time to think about good health, a time to encourage others who do not win the Gold Medal, a time to be passionate about the Sports that you love, a time to spend some of your hard earned money, and a time to really enjoy life. 

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And with all that said, you must do whatever you have to, so you can be involved in some kind of way and through some kind of capacity in the Olympic Games. Because as a member of Humanity, it is your duty to participate, your duty to get involved whenever your brothers and sisters are doing something pure, something Holy to honor The Creator who made the bodies, something wonderful, something honorable and something that seems Superhuman.

So for the Olympic Games that come around every 4 years in the Summer, you have to make a list of all the Sports you love, then start to rearrange your schedule to either attend that event in person, or to watch on any and all available Electronic Media. Because if you miss any of the great moments, if you fail to be there when a World Record has been set or broken, then your Soul will diminish just a little bit. Since Humanity is a community of Souls, and are all part of the Universal Consciousness that keep the Universe going with each action of love, of enjoyment, of passion, of knowledge and of interaction. So do your part during The Olympics and give of yourself to humanity, and then be there to put your name in the record books as well. You Are Needed.

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The Olympic Motto
In 1921, Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, borrowed a Latin phrase from his friend, Father Henri Didon, for the Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius ("Swifter, Higher, Stronger").

Women were first allowed to participate in1900 at the second modern Olympic Games.

Pierre de Coubertin who Created the Olympic flag and Motto, wrote and Oath stating: "In the name of all competiter, I promise that we shall take part in these olympic games respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them in the spirit of sportsmanship for the glory and hounour of our team". The First time the oath was heard was at the 1920 Games by Belgian fencer Victor Boin.

The five-ring Olympic symbol represents the world’s five inhabited continents.

Uruguay’s anthem is about six-and-a-half minutes long.

A Chef Won the Very First Olympic Games.

The very first recorded Ancient Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. The event was a stadion race (a foot race equivalent to a 190-m or 208-yard dash). The winner was a humble baker from the Greek city state of Elis named Coroebus (also spelled Koroibos)
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Olympiad refers to the four year interval between the Olympic Games, which was first used by the ancient Greeks in reckoning dates. The Olympiads are numbered consecutively from the first Olympic Games (or The I Olympiad), held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. Even the Games cancelled by the wars of 1916, 1940 and 1944 are counted. Most recently held were The Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney, Australia. The XXVIII Olympiad will mark a return to Athens, Greece in 2004. However, the term Olympiad is not used in conjunction with the Olympic Winter Games, which are numbered only when they are actually held.

Gymnasium literally means “School for naked exercise”.

Australia, the Swiss and us are the only nations to go to every Games since 1896

Olympic announcements are always in English, French and the host’s language.

The medals - gold, silver, and bronze - represent the highest levels of athletic achievement at the Games. The design of the medal varies with each Olympic Games and they are the responsibility of the host city’s organizing committee. Olympic medals must be at least 60 millimeters in diameter and at least three millimeters thick. Gold and silver medals must be made of 92.5 percent pure silver; the gold medal must be gilded with at least six grams of gold.

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The Olympic Flame
The Olympic flame is a practice continued from the ancient Olympic Games. In Olympia (Greece), a flame was ignited by the sun and then kept burning until the closing of the Olympic Games. The flame first appeared in the modern Olympics at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. The flame itself represents a number of things, including purity and the endeavor for perfection. In 1936, the chairman of the organizing committee for the 1936 Olympic Games, Carl Diem, suggested what is now the modern Olympic Torch relay. The Olympic flame is lit at the ancient site of Olympia by women wearing ancient-style robes and using a curved mirror and the sun. The Olympic Torch is then passed from runner to runner from the ancient site of Olympia to the Olympic stadium in the hosting city. The flame is then kept alight until the Games have concluded. The Olympic Torch relay represents a continuation from the ancient Olympic Games to the modern Olympics.

The Olympics were created with you in mind, so that Great Athletes could demonstrate to you what the body can do, and how great we all could aspire to become. So you must take the time to learn all you can about the olympic Games, learn all you can about each Sports, learn all you can about each event and the meaning of it. This Is Your Moment. 

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