How To Get Rich... Top 3 Easy Ways To Do It.

 Get rich or die trying...

How To Get Rich does not need to be an enigma in your mind and all the days of your life. Because if you were to ask any of the Billionaires of the world, they would all gladly tell you the same things about getting rich. And I know that you are so sick and tired of things not working out for you, as well disgusted with life since she seems to hate your gut and don't want you to get anywhere in that very life ( Although this is imagined, and not true ), and now you want to get your share of Financial Success, you want to know and put to use the deep secrets of how to get rich. And so today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways to get your share of the financial riches that the world has to offer, and that even The Great Creator God had promised to you: Shaken down, pressed together, with no room to contain:

How to get rich, first top way: Know And Focus On What You Want.
You have to know exactly what you want when it comes to getting rich, and The Universe is your servant, and wants to know exactly what  you need. Kind of like when you go to a restaurant and The Waiter is taking your order, you have to tell him or her  exactly what you want, how you want it prepared and in what order to bring it out. And so you must do with The Universe, by writing down exactly what you want, how much money,  in what business or  what kind of Lottery, when you want it to come, and with what knowledge  do you need it to come with, so you could manage it all. Then you want to focus all your mind, all your efforts and all your energy toward those steps exactly. And if  you have to create a phrase, or a  mantra, or even a picture that you must constantly have in front of you, just so you could keep your focus, and then you will be able to meditate on those things so  The Universe can serve you just like That Waiter.

Second top way for how to get rich: Go For It No Matter What.
Now that you know exactly what you want and you have placed your order to The Universe, your  forever obedient servant, you  must look for every opportunity that opens up for you financially, and then go for it with all your might. So what you have to do is to never allow Doubt to come into your mind, where you start to speak negatively to yourself and inside your mind, things like: Oh, this will never happen for me. Or I am not that lucky, or it can't be that easy, or even - that you were born poor and you will die poor. No Dear Friend, after you speak to The Universe about what you want and need, then Look For All Opportunities And all Doors That Open Up For You, And Go For It  With All Your Might.

How to get rich, top 3rd. Easy way: Get Help.
The God who made you and Created The Universe, Has made all things and all beings to be interdependent on one another. And no man is an island unto himself, nor any one - element is to be  solely dependent upon itself. So with that, you must get all the the help that you can, and ethically of course. Meaning, God is not too weak to help you, nor Is He a Liar. And if He is doing something for you financially, He wants it to be pure and perfect, all the while requiring your involvement. So please don't go ruin it all for yourself, by looking for help in all the illegal and unethical ways to get rich, and then say it is all from God. In other words, God and His Universe will never make you rich by robbing a bank, or by murdering someone, or by dancing on a table for that money and cause others to be financially ruined by your actions because they have all spent their life savings on you. NO, He will do it by opening a door for you where you can get a grant, or giving you a great idea to start a business and sell something that everyone needs. Or opening a door for you to invest in something great, and then make a great investment income. 

So you see Dear friend, for how to get rich in this lifetime, all you have to do is to speak exactly, not generally, what you want and need to The Universe. Then you must look for the doors of opportunities that are opening up for you, and go for them all with all your might. And then along the way, get all the right help you can, ethically and legally, from any brother or sister whom God has sent your way. Be Humble, And Be Grateful... Always.  James Dazouloute

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