How To Be Successful... Top 3 Ways To Reach This Pinnacle.

 Best way to success..

How To Be Successful... Is a subject that has been bothering you ever since you started lusting after things, and wanting the very best in life for yourself, then your spouse, afterward your children, and at very last your friends. After all you've been working very hard  all your life, and so isn't it time that the Universe sends you all the success that you have coming to you. And I am with you on this, because you have been honest in all your dealings, you have refused to take bribes, you have given to charity, you have helped people save money, you have made others a substantial amount of money. So why not you, and why not now? And this is why today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways to reach the pinnacle of success.

 How to have success..

First top way to be successful: Appreciate Other People.
You will never be successful if you abuse those underneath you, and hate the ones that are above you. And you certainly will never be on top and stay there long, if you don't make people feel that you can't do without them ( Even though you always can. ) So starting today, you must take the time to work with one and all around you, you must ask others to join you, you must become the leader who is full of visions. And believe me people are natural followers, and only 1% of the bunch are leaders. So with 8 billions of them out there, you have well over 7 billions who are willing to follow you, trust in you, and help you. And don't feel bad about this situation, for it is just the way Nature designed it. Because it is said that if you seized all the wealth of the world and divide it equally among all the inhabitants... Within 5 years, all the wealth would end up right back in the hands of the people who had it before, because they were already natural leaders...  And when you get a little bit to the top, then the top 1% who are leaders like you will be glad to join you to make even more money, since their greed knows no bound. 

Second top way for great success: Understand Life.
Life has always been and will always be about ups and downs...  As well Cyclical. In other words, everybody will get their turn at success and failures in life. So stop complaining when things are going bad, stop being so depressed when you  have no money, stop getting angry at the world when it seems like all have been taken away from you. You have to, again, you have to remember that the wealth of the world must go around and around. And there are times that you would never get to the next level, unless life pushes you there. So when you have no money, do not focus  on all the money that you don't have, and all the sorrows that you are facing because of that. Instead, you must focus on what you do have coming to you, on how much of a financial abundance belongs to you, on how money is always flowing to you, on how people are always giving you money, and how they are all fighting to invest in you and with you. It's kind of like when you are very sick with Cancer, and Spiritual Healers tell you not to focus on the Cancer, but visualize that you are healing, visualize that the cancer  is a little tennis ball and your body is a very hot fire that is burning it and shrinking it. All because whatever you focus on in life will always expand... So it is best to focus on what you want to happen, instead of what is happening to you. Or where you want to be, instead of where you are right now... And the Universe will bring it all to you, all your heart true desires. Just make sure it is not negative focus, and negative desires.

Third way on how to be successful: Make Things Happen.
You have gotten people to believe in you, then you started visualizing what you want to happen for you to be successful. And now you must start to make things happen, because the Universe will send you all the money you want, but you have to open a bank account to put it all in. You have to go look at the actual building you will be buying to establish your business. You have to go out and meet the other successful people, that the Universe will show you favor with Inexplicably, even if they don't want to do things for you, they will be forced to. And you've seen this when you go somewhere and are standing in a line, and someone comes up to you and say: I don't know why I am doing this, but come on let me help you. So go ahead make things happen, go ahead and put your name out there, go ahead start making contact on all the social networks, go ahead and start that new website. 

How to be successful? Do all you can to prepare for the great financial abundance that is coming your way. Do get people involved in your endeavors, in your websites, in your real estate business, in your fashion design etc. You are the Master of the Universe, because God made you so, and you are Co-Creator of all that you want to happen that is wholesome and good, and God will empower it. So go ahead and be successful.  James Dazouloute

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