How Not To Save Any Money When Shopping.

 How to waste money shopping...

Because in this day and age where the global economy is interconnected, and each country's credit is being downgraded along with massive riots by the masses, you my friend should spend your money as you see fit. After all, what does all this have to do with you as you shop to your heart's content?.

First easy step when shopping and how not to save any money is to never, ever look for any sales. 
After all why should you bother with such cumbersome things, because you have better things to do. And sales are just ways for those silly businesses to demean you.

Second easy step to shop, and not save any money is to not bother with prices at all. 
So when you ask how much, just add another 20 percent to the price and throw that at the salesperson feet. Also when you ask how much, just use that as a guideline to write checks.

Third easy step is when you are inside an expensive antique store, just bump into any and everything. 
And as you pick up an item, if it displeases you just show your anger by slamming it to the ground. Because the antique store owner should know that you are here to shop, and that person should know exactly what you like and placed them on the shelves before hand.

 How to not miss a deal...

Fourth easy step when you're shopping and don't need to save any money, is to never ever clip coupons. 
And of course never use them either, because the coupons as you shop will bring a disease to your hands and purse. And remember you are no longer in school, so why should you be handing someone a piece of paper.

Fifth easy step to not save any money at all when shopping, is to not bother mailing in those 20 to 30 Percent off rebates. 
Hey you are not a slave to anyone, so how dare they ask you to do anything. And this is just as demeaning to you as clipping coupons, and you definitely are not part of the little people.

Sixth step as you shop and to not save any money is to always leave the receipt at the stores where you shop at.
Because you will never bother with returning anything. You are a one time buyer of everything, and if it does not fit oh well. Or if the item is broken, so what just go and buy another one.

 How to be a bad shopper...

Seventh easy step is to drive your car with the A / C on and all the windows down, as you drive to each store. 
And each time you get a little hungry, just stop by a super expensive restaurant and order a 5 course meal, then just taste a biscuit and leave the rest. Also never get change back from a $100.00 bill, even if you only by for $3.00.

Shop, How Not To Save Any Money When Shopping In 7 Easy Steps?. So you see dear fellow elite, it is very easy not to save any money when shopping and continue living the very grand lifestyle that you have become accustomed to. After all, it is your birthright since Bill Gates And The Kennedy's are part of your long lost rich family, right?. And your money will never run out, right?. James Dazouloute

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