How Much Longer Will You Keep Saying I Want To Make Money

 How long before you have money...

Make Money Now...  After all it's been a month, 6 months, a year, and now even 3 years since you've been saying “ Make Money Now. “ And that is all, just talk. So today  I am bringing awareness to you, I am bringing accountability to you, and I am bringing encouraging ideas to you, just so you could get out of this rut that you are in. Because this year is your year, this month belongs to you, and today is the moment that you finally start bringing some money in. And I simply refuse to let you keep going on and on.

So to make money now, is a mindset and belief that success, entrepreneurship, motivation and creativity all lie at your feet. Awaiting your command to go out and bring to you exactly the amount of money that you have spoken to the universe. And that is only because life was created to serve you, the animals were made to fear you, the earth was created to yield its resources to you, and even the angels were made to serve and protect you. so how can you keep failing at making money?.

Well, simple my friend, you keep switching up on yourself, by wanting to make money very badly whenever your back is against the wall, or you have a bill that is way overdue. But as soon as that is taken care of, and the pressure is long gone, then you slowly but surely settle back in your old ways, of just being comfortable. And then all the steps you were taking toward making money, just fade away into memories. And then the vicious cycle continues on, because when the next bill becomes due, or when your boss yell at you again or cut back  some of your hours. Then here we go again.

Enough is enough “ Fellow Money Getter, “ so now I need you to pull out your little planning book and start reviewing your plans for success, and find out exactly at what point and at what time did you just quit. Because that is where you will need to start back all over again, and continue pushing through. And yes the plan that you have now, which is the same plan you had last year, is still a great plan to make money. Because when you had received it in your spirit, it was prophetic and full of proper steps to take. Besides that is your passion, that is what was put in your heart and in your mind, after you have witnessed countless others making money with that idea. All because nothing is new under the sun, and the only major difference between you and them is that, they did not quit when times got tough. They did not quit right after they got that overdue bill paid, and they certainly did not quit when the money was not coming in within a day of doing what they know is a sure money – making thing.

Come on please, I am begging you for your success 's sake. Get up, dust yourself off, be encouraged once more, and start making those calls you planned to make the last time you quit. Start writing that great novel from the last chapter you have stopped from, start back to make the fashion jewelry that you only finished halfway. Go ahead and finish building that great website, try your hardest to pimp that ride, and definitely let the people around you get involved once again in helping you to succeed. Even I, am ready to help you be successful and start making money now, And as a Life Coach, I will get you moving again in the right directions. And I won't even charge you for the first 30 minutes, because that is all you really need. Since the ideas are already inside you, and all I am doing is taking them from mediocrity to success. So come on. James Dazouloute

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