How A Man Should Wear A Suit Properly.

Wearing A Suit is a must if you expect to be taken seriously in the financial and professional world, since all the Captain Of Industries have been dressing like this for at least a century. And since they are at the top of the food chain, then you better look like them, walk like them, talk like them and dress like them if you are expecting to survive and then become financially wealthy. But wearing a suit should be more about money for you, because you do have a self esteem, you are leader and a role model in your family, you do want to look good at all times, as well you like to be clean. So why not wear a suit that shapes around your body type, and make your body look 100% better than it is, especially with all the flaws you have along with all the extra ugly weight that you are carrying around? So today we will look at how to wear a suit properly:

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