Give Me Your Money, Says The One Percent. A Poem.

 Give me your money a poem..

Give Me Your Money right now! And all without the use of a gun, without the use of violence, without the use of threats. So a poem to teach you your place, a money poem from us The Top One Percent as a gift to you, The 99 Percent of Blind Slaves who serve us and our cause. After all, Slaves make The Plantation grow, and Slaves like you who say that there is no conspiracy to keep you down and out, are the best ones to keep around. Yes, Masser Is Good To Us, You Say! So Give Me Your Money.

Give me what I need to keep me rich, give me what I must have for my 300 Feet Yacht to keep on floating, and give me all the money that I order You to give. Yes I Love You my Brother, My Sister. And I am still Your Keeper, and don't ever start to believe those Occupy Wall Street Crazies who are trying to open your eyes, just continue on dismissing them as, Those People. And keep giving me your money from the laws I passed which you must obey, from Your Politicians who give me bail-out since I am Too Big To Fail, and from investing your little money with my employee, Mr. Rupert Murdoch

 poem about the one percent...

Oh Give me your money by always working for me! And I will keep on conditioning You to: Go To School And Get A Good Job. But Never to have your own business, never to be An Entrepreneur, never to build your own Empire. And I just love that, I just love how you are so easily manipulated, and that helps me to run the world. And all my secret organizations like The Bilderberg Group, The Illuminati, Skulls And Bones... all keep on growing stronger by building Governments, and installing Puppet Politicians so you could be ruled. After all You are the  Masses, and we are God-ordained to rule over you.

So give money, give your soul, give your life, and give us 40 years of work and we will give you a pension ( Maybe ). I Love You because you all make me rich, I need you straight out of College so you could build my company. I have to have you straight from the border, so you could clean my Mansion and plant my Garden.  And I really can't do all the heavy lifting, nor do I want to fight all the wars, So I need You to be brainwashed and send your kids to war for my causes, and don't worry, I'll make you Feel God, because I will label it Patriotism.

 money poem about the rich...

So come one come all, come to me or send me your tired, your weak, your undesirable, your weird ones, your slaves and all your races. Because I need to use them all, I need to say to them: Give Me Your Money. But I will give you crumbs don't worry, I will give you Mortgage-Backed-Securities, and I will give  you F.I.A.T. Money to invest with... All the while I keep all Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins. Come on Brother, Come On Sister, We – Are – Family, Remember?

Give Me Your Money, give me your blood, give me your attention, give me your dreams, give me 70 hours per week, give me your mind, give me your children to work in my Sweat Shops, give me all that you could be, give me all your servitude, give me your ignorance, and add to it a dose of your stupidity. Give me what I need to be richer. Give me  your bankrupt self, and I will make you do anything I want.  James Dazouloute

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