Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets

 Reasons why you will not love facebook..

Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets. Do you have a Facebook account???. More than likely you do, as they have over 400 million accounts and growing. -DANGER-
And ask yourself dear friend, what do all this information about you and everyone else get used for?, and by whom?. And how does the owner gets to be so rich, and what companies are using all that nice and very informative profile of yours?..

You should consider some other important things as well. First, while you can meet new friends online, you may also come into contact with malicious people misrepresenting themselves. These are people you don’t want to know. Internet thieves and sexual predators are only too eager to exploit personal information found on social networking sites. They are out there and willing to hurt you unless you take precautions to protect yourself.

Second, do realize that we ourselves are part of the problem too. For we all have an Ego, and the Ego is the part of us that loves power. It is the part that loves to be seen, recognized, praised, and adored. Facebook provides a powerful platform for this. It provides a platform by which every word, picture, or thought I have can be seen, praised, ‘liked’. As a result, I begin to seek this. But then it doesn’t just stay in the cyber world. I begin even to live my life with this visibility in mind. Suddenly, I live every experience, every photo, every thought, as if it’s being watched, because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I’ll put it on Facebook.” This creates a very interesting state of being, almost a constant sense that I am living my life on display. I become ever conscious of being watched, because everything can be put up on Facebook for others to see and comment on.

Take a look at this Information and inform yourself, as to the dangers of giving so much information about you, your friends and family to Government agencies, criminals... 
To Avoid Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets Only Log Onto Legitimate Web Addresses. Phishers use dummy sites that may look exactly like a Facebook or Citibank (C) page. Check the URL carefully for things like .cn (China) at the end or anything in the Web address that seems off. If you’re even mildly suspicious, go to the site’s homepage, i.e. Facebook.com, and log into your account from there.

Be Wary and Suspicious... Sounds like harsh advice, but you should navigate your online communities like you do off-line. You wouldn’t get on a dark, empty subway train with suspicious characters in a corner would you? Use the same awareness online. Messages on your Facebook page from people you don’t know, or that are ambiguous, should be dealt with prudently.

Know the real truth about Facebook
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Here is a quick Food For Thought For You: Can you take that access back — ever? It sure doesn’t look like it. There’s no reference to how you can stop Facebook from future access to your data in their “terms and conditions.” Worse, it appears that to “unlock” the answer in your friend’s post, you need to answer a bunch of questions about your other friends and violate their privacy too. 
Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets do not have to be, if you remember to Always Be Safe And Live Well. Remember: The Greatest Enemy Is The In - NER- Me. We bring 99% of our problem upon ourselves.  James Dazouloute

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