7 Main Things To Shop For To Be A Great Prepper For Disasters.

 How to shop for disasters...

You must know this, Disasters will come whether you want them  to or not and how they affect you and your Family will be dependent upon you. But today, I will share 7 main things that you must have on hands as basic tools of survival. You can not live in “ La – La – Land “ and think that you're Untouchable, or that disasters only happen to poor people in third world countries.

For when the Earth shakes, or the Seas rise up and the Winds Roar, or even when the Enemies of your  Great Country attack, You will be touched sooner or later. Besides you love to Shop anyway, so go ahead and let's get ready for what you'll need.

 How to be a prepper...

Up First to be prepared, you have to Shop For Food And Water.
For you see, Humans will always revert to their animalistic behavior, which is survival at all costs. And you can go without food for a month, but die in a week without water. As well, food provides security and comfort. So shop for food that will last, because you don't know when exactly is the hour of your disaster, and water bottles that will last for at least 2 years. And don't worry  I will share with you a couple of places at the bottom to shop for . And make sure you get canned foods as well as foods in bags that can last up to 10 years, and all because in a disaster you will have no power and your food in the refrigerator will go bad quickly. And please do not eat anything that turns bad after a disaster, because at that point you are in a survival mode  and your health is the most important at that times.

 Shop for disasters..

Second Thing To Shop For Are Flashlights And Fire Items
When buying flashlights be sure to buy L. E. D. bulb models, because they use less battery power and they do not get hot, nor do they burn out. As well, do buy flashlights that are rechargeable in under an hour and buy regular and rechargeable batteries.  We are born of light and so we are always afraid of darkness, so also buy a lantern and that will give a big psychological boost and calm your family. Now for fiery items, buy some charcoal bags and a little good grill to warm up food. Also get a good heavy duty pot that you can put on top of fire woods. Do get some lighters and fire starters that can work in the rain.

Be Prepared, Shop For These 7 Main Things To Be A Great Prepper For Disasters. And third item to shop for  is A Good First Aid Kit. 
For nothing will be as invaluable after a disaster than fixing yourself up along with those around you. And please get a couple of them because you won't know where exactly the disaster will hit in your home. Also do learn to use some of the items before then as Practice Make Perfect.

 How to prep for a disaster..

Fourth Item To Shop For is  A Good Home Or Apartment At A Good Location.
And if you already have your house, you will just have to retrofit it to provide safety for you and your family for the 4 major Disasters: Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Terrorist Attack. So homes with basements and backyards are the best to have. Then a 2 story Apartment is the next best option. But single story homes and Apartments are hard to get protection from, but you can build a room within a room. And please if you have a home or an apartment, do make sure you remove the trees  that are on top of or near the home.

Fifth Item  To Shop For Is A Good Vehicle
Now I know that everyone is crying about  Gasoline, and that the best thing to do is to buy a tiny car that weighs very little. And all that is fine and dandy to go to work and back home. But during a disaster and afterward, you will want  a heavy duty truck or suburban. Because you will be able to transport your family and supplies from one place to another as well as helping others. Also, after a disaster you will have debris everywhere as well as bad roads, and do you really think a tiny 2 doors car will help you. No you want something that can go over tree limbs, bad roads and help pull something. So as you shop for vehicles, at least buy a used 4x4 truck or S. U. V. and park it fully gassed up.

Sixth Item To Shop For Is Hygiene Item.
You must get items Like: Deodorants, mouthwash, toothpaste, Q – tips, soaps, washcloth, foot spray, Lysol, diapers for kids and adults ( even for yourself ) etc... For you see those items will not only allow bacteria from multiplying on you and in you, but will also give you a big psychological boost during survival mode.

 7 main things to shop for a disaster...

Seventh Item Is Protection Supplies
Now when I say protection supplies you probably automatically think that I mean Guns. No my friend, I mean other things as well like: Gas masks, ponchos, bullet proof vest, radiation radar, sensors, machetes, military knives, face masks, video recording materials. Because all these things you will need during survival if You Have to: Cut down branches, protection from radiation, to fish for food, to hunt, to protect from looters, etc... So you see, your family is depending on you and even your own body and you can not let them down.

Be Prepared, Shop For These 7 Main Things To Be A Great Prepper For Disasters. And by now you have to realize the importance of shopping for disasters and to be prepared. You have to look at the times that we are living in and what is taking place all around you. And as prices are going up everyday you want to get things as soon as they are on sales and available on the market. And don't worry if your friends ridicule you because you are being preemptive and proactive in your preparation for what is to come, because those same people will be the ones who come knocking at your door and begging. Get what you need. James Dazouloute

 How to help others in a disaster...

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