5 easy ways to make millions On Internet.

 5 ways to make money online...

To make money on the Internet has become for years now a widely accepted and a respectable way to make a great living. And now that the world economy is in plunder with no end in sight, we are all looking for a way to either bolster our income, replace our income or fund our retirement. So to make money on the Internet you have to know where to begin, what steps to take and what exactly will help you to make money. I will share with you my dear friend easy tips and ideas so you can start making money on the Internet in no time.

First thing you need to find for yourself to make money on the Internet, is to decide what it is you want to give to people so they can give you their money. 
In order to get you must first give, and what you give to people in business must be something they want, not so much need. People hardly buy what they need but they will buy what they want every time, on point. Look at cars and clothes, do people buy the car they need or the basic clothes they need?, no. They go for the flashy cars and in style clothes every time, and they will do what ever it takes to get what they want. So with that said you must find out what items do they want badly, and then all you have to do is give to them gladly.

Second easy step to make money on the Internet is to open up a store so people can find you, come to you and get what you have. 
And to make money on Internet you must begin to think outside the box. Because online, a store could mean anything from a website with a virtual catalogue, to a blog with added pictures of items or even with just an affiliate Link to someone else 's web site or web page that you are selling for to share in the profits. So do not think that you must be traditional, and besides you have not made any money yet, so you do not want to be spending an arm and a leg for your website. So let the other sorry people do that, but you are smart. so do a search on google for affiliates or Agent of companies.

Third step to make money online is to now figure out where to get the items you want to give to your customers. 
Do you buy them and resell them?. Or do you become an agent for someone else and help them sell what they have?. Either way people will give you money if you have what they want. Now you can buy your own stuff and resell it at whatever price you want, but since you are just starting online I would not recommend taking such a high risk. For a better way you would do a search for drop shipping companies on google and become their affiliate or agent. And with that route all you would do is refer people to the web page they assigned to you, and you can choose from all their products the ones you like and put them on that page. The company will give you their price and you can add whatever price you like on your web page. Remember you did not buy anything, all the inventory is theirs. And when you give an item to a customer, they pay your price and automatically the order goes to the company. And then they ship it out for you and give you the difference between their price and your price. you see, easy way to make money on Internet.

Fourth step to make money on the Internet is to now tell the whole world about all the stuff you have to give to them. 
And also remember when it comes to stuff to give to people, it does not have to be a physical item, you could give them information, software or tips and ideas and they will gladly pay you for that too. For more money is made on the Internet in information giving then in any other area. Now to tell the world, begin by placing free ads where ever you could find, do a search on line for placing free ads and you will get a list of at least 100. And again no spending money until you start getting money. Now if you have social contacts like face book or twitter, start telling them and give them your web page address. Get that Internet money.

Fifth easy step is to make sure your web site, web page or blog work at all times.
Because to make money on the Internet, the last thing you want is for people to want what you are giving and they go to your web address, and they get "404 error, website not found". So whether you are opening a website, a blog, a feed or a web page; just make sure you read about the company and ask them questions to make sure your website address will be running 99.99% of the time. And again this is why I advised you earlier to begin as an agent of someone else who have a huge web site and they will not allow their website to go down. James Dazouloute

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