4 Crucial Advisers Your Business Must Have.

 Business adviser you need to make money..

You have heard the term “Two heads are better than one”, and in running your biz, this statement must be amplified to say that at least “4 heads are way better than one”. All because you now live and run your business within a global community, instantly connected by technology, and no longer just having a little office or store at the corner of your local community. So it is crucial for you and your business to have advisers, and as many effective ones as you can afford right now, and even more as you keep on growing and enriching yourself with money. And that is because as soon as you are making some  money, it seems to want to leave your account, your pockets and hands; also other people who are money hungry are just licking their chops wanting your money and biz for themselves. So again, this is why I intend to share with you the 4 types of crucial advisers you and your biz need right now:

 Why you need a business attorney...

First crucial adviser your biz needs: A Business Attorney.
Not a divorce attorney, not a criminal one or even an accident litigation attorney, like your friend or cousin is. No my friend, in your business you are the head surgeon and every little thing you do must be done with a surgical financial laser. So this is where a business attorney comes into play, because he or she will be crucial to you at the start of your biz, in the middle and even at the end of it, if it ever comes to that. Also you have always heard that before you do anything count the costs, less you get started and end up being stuck in the middle. And no statement is truer than in your business, and that is where that biz attorney comes in who is used to starting corporation, help run big corporations, advise on all the activities of a business, and then always ready to go to court and defend the assets and the name of that business. After all, even you have had the pleasure of seeing the effectiveness of a biz attorney, when you are getting a mortgage and you have to review and sign the paperwork from the bank having been prepared by their attorney, or insurance documents. And those attorneys are only there to protect that business assets, only, and could care less about you. So get your own biz attorney at the beginning and in the middle of running your successful biz to protect your assets like a hungry lion, worth every penny.

 Why you must have a financial planner..

Second crucial adviser: A Financial Planner.
A financial planner does just what the title says, he or she helps you to plan every detail of you business finances. And whether you want to expand, or add employees, move to a new building, a financial planner will help by advising you and avoiding costly financial mistakes that may drive you into bankruptcy and lose it all. So get one today to save money and make even more money for a very long time. Also a financial planner will help you to invest properly the monies you have already made so they can be greatly multiplied in a great way, because you have been working so hard for every single penny, and since you know it takes money to make additional big money, then your financial adviser is the one to help you to do just that. Not your cousin, sister, pastor, best friend who are well intentioned but are not licensed by your state as a financial planner, but a person who has been doing this for years successfully with a great track record for businesses similar to yours.

 How an accountant can make you money..

Third type of adviser your biz needs: An Accountant.
He or she is all about the numbers of your business, and those kind of people will probably get on your nerves, because every little move you try to make, they will always run the numbers. But they are just trying to protect you and your biz, they are keeping tabs on where you are and the financial places you are trying to go, they are adding value to your company if you ever want to sell it, and they are keeping your feet to the fire so you can always be on top financially and keep on making money. On top of that, when the tax man comes, you will want your accountant to again run the numbers, organize your receipts and be ready to claim every single deduction for you. And when you get audited by the tax agency, again your accountant will be crucial in keeping you from overpaying, from being intimidated by the process, and even from going to jail for tax evasion. So at the beginning of your biz and even right now, go find the best and most compatible accountant in your area, and hire his/her services so you never have to become an emotional business owner, but a by-the-numbers financial guru.

 How a business coach will make you billions..

Fourth crucial adviser you need: A Business Coach.
A business coach is the absolute best crucial center piece of your business, because he or she will actually help with every area of your business goals and activities, and even advise you on how to hire all these advisers above, monitor them for you, and help you to save money with them. Additionally, your biz coach will help work on your goals and find a way to make them happen with you. Also he/she will help you to develop clarity and drive so you could know exactly where you and your biz want to go successfully. And on top of that, your biz coach will be a friend, a mentor, a helper, a guide and protector of all that you dream of, all that you want, and all the places you are trying to take your business. And he/she will work hand in hand with your local better business bureau, your accountant, your attorney, your financial planner and bring everyone under a big umbrella to help you to succeed and meet your goals. So get one today online or in person before you do anything.

 4 crucial advisers to help your business...

In conclusion, you can never have enough “Effective professional advisers” in your life. Notice that I put that in quotation marks beloved, because too many wrong people for you, are always trying to advise you about your life, where they have no idea what they are talking about like your friends, your family, your co-workers, your pastor and even your lover. Because they are not certified professionals in those areas with a proven successful track record, and will do more damage to you, your dreams and your biz than helping you. And while they all mean well, you must beware because the road to hell always begin with good intentions. Your business coach, James Dazouloute

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