Why You Must Give The Gift Of Love.

 Why only you can love perfectly...

GIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE... Because before any money is needed from You, Great Philanthropist, the greatest need for love must be satisfied first. Since this whole race of humans was created out of love, made to love and must live by love, then this is why your deep love and caring from the heart must first be shown and shared. Because that little person is so alone, that lover could work for things just like you do but can not work for love and it must be given him or her, also because by you loving another you are actually loving yourself, since you are all created from the same thread and are all interwoven and interconnected.

So before a dime can be dropped on the poor and needy, a small piece of Love must be dropped to show compassion. Before a glass of water can be handed over, a smile of love must be shared with the thirsty. Before a kind word is spoken, a deep sentiment of love must be felt and then transmitted to the party who is in need of encouragement. And before you can fight for any cause for the well being of a person or a group, you must always, always love that person or group deeply so you could fully understand what that person or group is all about.

 How your love will infect the whole world...

So again before any water can be given to quench the thirst that runs deep in a dry throat, the water of love must be shared to wet down a parched heart. GIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE... Because there is No One else to do it the way you can, with the compassion you have, and with the sincerity like your heart has. 

So give today Fellow Philanthropist, give Love to the fullest when you think about anyone, when you come across the downtrodden, when you stumble upon the depressed from all of life miseries. Give Love through Empathy, through Compassion, through a deep Conversation, through a Hug... For this will fill someone up for life, compared to a piece of bread that is just for this hour. But still give that piece of bread for the physical need, but do it in Love and With Love...  James Dazouloute


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 Who is affected by compassion fatigue...

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 Why everyone need your love...

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