Why Lack Of Great Ideas Are Not What's Causing Your Business Failures.

 How to turn great ideas into sales...

We all have dreams of making it big in this life, and have our name immortalized on the tongues of men. Also we all must contribute something to this life and the time that has been assigned to us, as well we must feel like a winner in some small way, all to make this crazy life worth living. But at the same time, no matter where you turn lately and no matter what you try to be good at, it all come crashing down on you. And every time after each failure you put your best foot forward, and say to yourself maybe it wasn't my time yet, maybe this is not the area I am supposed to succeed in, or maybe tomorrow all the stars will line up and all things in the universe will begin to click for me in concert.

But I am afraid to report to you beloved, that none of these wishful thinking ideas will ever materialized. And it is not because you are a bad person, nor is it because the universe hates you, or even that you have bad karma. Not at all, you are the problem, you are your worst enemy, and you hold the title for being the great procrastinator who always wait until it's too late and then begin to act. And there lies your problem all along, and why the universe, good karma, the powers that be, your protective angel, and even God seem unable to help you. Why? Because every single day and every hour even, all these great beings line up above you and keep on showering you with great ideas, with great inspirations, with great whispers in your dreams, with great opportunities for you to succeed. But nothing has worked so far.

 How to turn great ideas into money...

And it is not because you are stupid, or incapable of comprehending this life and the things that are going on around you. It is only that you are not acting on all the great ideas that are continually being whispered to you on what to do about your marriage, about your business, about how to get that promotion, about how to bring in new money with infomercials, about how to start that successful website, about starting that real estate investment business etc. And the funny thing is you are a mansion of ideas, as they are constantly pouring in, and I mean everywhere you look, every TV show you watch, every person you pass by, every street corner you turn in your car, every meeting you attend, every building you pass by, you can always see what they all really need right now.

But you just never fully act on all the great ideas you have to become a super successful person. And that is what is causing your failures in every area of your life, because you just don't go full throttle every time the universe, the powers that be whisper a great idea into your head. Now just imagine that once the idea about writing this article came to me, the title was whispered in my spirit and the points to touch on formulated in my brains, and I just shrugged it all off, or made some big excuse like nobody will care about this, or no one will care about reading it. And then I just let this great idea die, and then when the next one came to write about I use some great excuses also, and the next one and the next one. Then I would never be a writer, I would never help anybody. Now onto you, just think back to all the great ideas you've had over the years and you quickly dismiss each one, even though your spirit kept telling you to write it down, to write the details. But you refused to, and each time you just found a new excuse as to why it would never work, or that nobody needs it, or it is just better to go back to living life. And now here you are, at the point of disappointments with life, at the point of wanting to give up on life, at the point of hating yourself and everyone around you. 

And so you must start right now to act fully on your great ideas, no longer holding back, no more making excuses, and definitely put a stop to all the self doubt. After all, it is in your country's constitution that all men are created equal. So if one man or woman can get a great idea, and with it build a company, make millions, give to jobs to hundreds of other men and women, and then inspire others to act on their ideas fully as well and join them as partners in business, in philanthropic acts, in helping to make the world a better place, then why not you? You are created equal with them, same brain, same arms, legs, tongue, eyes, born from a man and a woman, so why won't you act on all the great ideas that come from the same sources as theirs, and start to make a difference, start to live life  fully, start to make some real money, start to better yourself, start to live bountifully? Again why won't you beloved? So start right now, you finally have the understanding and the encouragement that you have been lacking. Your great idea advocate, James Dazouloute

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