Why Did Justin Timberlake's Clothing Line Interest You Before Shutting Down.

 What to know about Justin Timberlake Clothing Line...

Justin Timberlake has been a multi-talented start from day one, and only as the years have gone by that the great seeds of multi talents inside this super star have come full bloom. And so this is why it is not surprising to hear that Justin has his own clothing line. And many stars launch their own fashion lines and some of them actually turn out to be very successful. The reality is that the clothing items put in sale have a great way to be promoted, of course being linked to the personal image of the star releasing them, while fans are going to love the fashion lines either way, buying them to look like their favorite star. There are numerous celebrities who have lunched their own fashion lines, including Britney Spears, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson.

It's part of a big push by stores to cash in on celebrities' money-making names. The move can be savvy. After all, who wouldn't want to don the stylish duds of a superstar? It can also be risky. The stars, figuratively, have to be aligned for celebrity lines to become a hit with shoppers. That can mean having the right celebrity pair up with the right store at the right time with the right amount of involvement in the design of the line.

Justin Timberlake is such a successful singer. Anyway, the star has never limited his projects to the music industry, but has actually managed to release numerous other very successful projects. 

 Why did Timberlake Clothing line end..

Justin Timberlake: $50 million
In the summer of 2010, Justin Timberlake also announced to be lunching his own fashion line. Justin Timberlake clothing line is actually created by the star in collaboration with one of his childhood friend, Trace Ayala, with whom he had worked at a fashion line before, back in 2005. William Rast, as Justin Timberlake clothing line is currently named, was lunched at the end of 2010 and fans were able to purchase their favorite Justin Timberlake clothing items.

Justin Timberlake clothing line includes outwear and sportswear for both men and women. The line is actually based on Justin Timberlake clothing style, so, as you can imagine, you will be able to find many jeans and numerous lather jackets in the collection. Anyway, Justin Timberlake clothing line is being based on casual wear.

has decided to shut down his William Rast denim line by the end of the year. The line was created by Justin and his friend Trace Ayala in 2005.
A source revealed about the line:
Not a lot of retailers wanted it. Because the perception is [Justin’s] not involved, so why would anyone want to wear it?

Did YOU ever pick up any of the items in Justin’s clothing line?

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