Why Am I Like This... And What 3 Things Must I Do To Handle My Emotions.

 Why am I like this...

Because I am getting fed up with my Life, and everything is going wrong. And because everything is going wrong, I am fed up. Then I get sick because I am unhappy and confused about things always going wrong, but I am also unhappy because I get sick. And so I feel like the walls are closing in on me, I feel like nobody understands me, and I feel like everyone is against me and plotting on me. Is there a moment of peace for me, and will there ever come a time when I am able to handle and deal with my emotions. Will Anyone Help Me? Well Beloved I, James Dazouloute, am here to help you. But more in the sense of bringing the right solutions that you already have deep inside you, and the fact that your breakthrough is right around the corner, then this is exactly the time for me to come alongside you and begin to show you all that have been hiding, in plain sight in your eyes and mind. And there is an even bigger issue at hands, the Dark Forces who are operating within The Universe, have taken a look at your Destiny and great purpose of influence; and they are trying their best to put as many roadblocks in front of you, in order for you to stumble, and not know where you are going toward Greatness. So today, Let us look at Fear and 3 best ways to deal with it.

 Why am I the way I am...

Why Am I Like This? First You Must Allow Yourself To Feel.
Yes Beloved, Feel what the emotions are that are overwhelming you, let them course through your body and your mind. All because you have to identify what the emotions are for, and where in your life do they fit. I reiterate, you must allow the emotions to run their course so you could understand why they are here. And this is kind of like the few times when you have met an individual, but he or she was so dark and mysterious, as well as reserved with their real plans, and so you had to play things out so you could see what their game was about. And so when you allow yourself to feel the emotions that are coming inside your mind and body, you have to ask yourself: Is it because of a mistake you've made, is it a game you were running and you got caught in your own game, or was it someone who pulled a gun on you and robbed you of your dignity?. Identify the Emotions

What 3 Things Must I Do To Handle My Emotions? Second Way To Deal With Them, And Stop Being The Way You Are, You Must Find Time For Acknowledgment.
You have to acknowledge the emotions because they are here. And you must show them respect by not ignoring them, because if you do, they will only bury themselves deep inside you for years to come, and will damage you. And then you will find yourself Acting Out by doing a bunch of stupid things, and all because your emotions are all bundled up and twisted like the Roots of a Tree that has grown 100 feet tall. No my friend, acknowledge what those emotions are for and deal with them right then and there. For example if you're mad that you got fired from your job, and it's because of stupid things you have done at work, then begin dealing with the emotions by writing down what you will not do or allow to happen in the next job, and set barriers to safeguard you. Or if someone betrayed you and now you are not fit to be tied because you are so angry, then you must acknowledge that you have been done this wrong now, so you could learn how to better read people, and now you make goals for yourself that in the future where you will become more observant.

Why Am I Like This... And What 3 Things Must I Do To Handle My Emotions? 3rd. Thing To Do Is To Begin Taking Action.
Taking action is the greatest step because it will allow you to fix yourself up. And we all have had bad things happen to us like: A death, loss of money, family betrayal, gossipers, and people who just defame your good Name. And so you don't want to become a recluse and bury your emotions. No, again take action in following through and apply the steps of your goals so you move forward. Oh, and along the way do work on you, do work on your bad habits, your temperament, your weaknesses. Remember to Manage your weaknesses by bringing them under control, and Improve on your Strength by growing as an individual and renewing your mind At – All – Times...  James Dazouloute, Life Coach

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  1. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Great help to deal with our struggles. Thanks James. Paula

  2. Anonymous2:24 AM

    We all go through this stage in life where we are confused. Thanks for this.


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