What To Shop For Your Medicine Cabinet.

What to put in medicine cabinet...

Medicine Cabinets have been around for so many years now, and they have lasted that long because they serve a great purpose to your health at home. And just having the right basic medicines  on hand for at-home-emergencies can be a life-saver, because if you have ever fallen and scraped your knee, or you accidentally cut yourself with a knife while cutting-up vegetables in the kitchen, or your kids are playing outside and hurt their arm, then you know how invaluable your medicine cabinet is. But what do you shop for, what must you have at home as emergency medicine to either take care of small sicknesses, or to hold you over until you can make it to the emergency room? Well I intend to share all that you will need for your basic survival at home.

First thing to shop for your medicine cabinet: Band-Aids.
Band-aids are the most essential of your medicine cabinet, because they easily protect your small wounds or cuts from getting infected. And some of them will even have the ingredients that will begin the actual healing process of your ailment.

Second thing you must have at home: Aspirin.
You have heard that aspirin helps with heart attack, as well that it helps against the risks of breast cancer, and even colon cancer. So you must shop for the different size of aspirin tablets that are available out there.

 What to shop for your medicine cabinet...

Third must shop for in your medicine cabinet: Pepto Bismol.
You have already heard so much about pepto bismol all your life,  you have heard how it takes care of an upset stomach, of nausea, of diarrhea, and of many other troubles with your intestine. And they are all true. So get that cure-all item.

Fourth must have medicine:  Valerian Root.
Everybody has trouble sleeping every now and then, and the last thing you want to do is to go out at 3 A.M., after getting dressed to look for  Valerian Root or other sleeping medicines. And that is if a store is opened or you don't get robbed. So don't delay shop for this little sleep helper.

Fifth medicine you must shop for:  Tea Tree Oil.
If you have fungal infections that act up real bad on some days or some nights, then you will need to add Tea Tree Oil to your stash. 

Sixth must have for your medicine cabinet: Antihistamine.
You know you have allergies, and they come in all forms, shapes and sizes. So go shop for your favorite allergy medicines and stock up.

Seventh item to shop for your home: Headache & Fever Medicine.
You will always get headaches or small fevers every once in a  while unexpectedly, for whatever reasons. Because you are only human, so shop for those medicines and place them in your medicine cabinet.

 Home remedies medicine cabinet...

Eighth little item for medicine cabinet: Hydrogen Peroxide.
You will always get small cuts, you will always have little accidents and start to bleed. So shop for hydrogen peroxide so you can be able to cleanse your wound immediately.

Ninth must shop for your medicine cabinet: Imodium AD.
You will have diarrhea from time to time, for many different kinds of reasons. And you will have to go somewhere in an hour or so, and that is why you must shop for Imodium AD to stop your diarrhea within a few minutes at home.

Tenth must shop for medical emergencies at home: Small First Aid Kit.
This one is a must, must have. Even if you do not shop for the first nine items I just described, then you must get a small first aid kit. Because in it, you will have all the basic little items that you will ever need to help you deal with medical troubles at home. And you will need little items such as: Gloves, tweezers, light stick, burn cooling gel, first aid tape, survival wrap, finger splints etc... All that you need.

You love to shop anyway, so go ahead and shop for all that you will ever need for your medicine cabinet. Because without keeping your good health, you will never be able to continue shopping. James Dazouloute

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