Top 6 Things To Do To Have A Successful Biz Website.

 How to make money with your website...

If I told you once, then I told you a thousand times, you must have an online presence if you ever expect to have longevity in making money in anything you set your heart out to get involved in. And why? Because no matter how much money you are making right now at a brick and mortar inside a shopping mall, or at a plaza running your little business, you will never make as much money as having the same store online as an extension of the brick and mortar, or as replacing in the future that space in the shopping mall or in that plaza. And that is also because you must know that when you are selling any kind of service or material online, you are reaching billions of other human beings, compared to just having 50 or so people walking into your store each day where you hope to make a sale during the 8 - 10 hours you are opened 5 - 6 days a week. So as you can see, having a powerful website or even a blog, can make you money 24 hours a day all year long, and not just a few days and hours per week. Also, once you have your biz website fully running then you won't have to work every single day, nor will you have to keep on hiring and firing employees, also you will not have to pay for light, water, gas, insurance, expensive rent and even pay for a phone service. And really fellow biz owner, I could go on and on about the wonderful benefits of having a successful and powerful online presence in the form of a biz website, but instead I will focus today on the top 6 things you must do right now to have a successful website:

 6 things to do for your website to make money...

1. Discover Your Passion
And really by now, you must know your passion, you must know what you want to sell, how you want to sell it and to which group of people. And once you know all of this for sure, then begin to share what you have available, whether as a service or an item for sale to all the great people online, doing your best to touch each area of that market.

2. Stick To Your Niche

You have heard the term "Stay In Your Lane". And in business, this is the best advice I could give to you my friend. In other words, stick to what works for you, stick to what you know and stick to what is selling and making you a lot of money. And then multiply your efforts to expand into that market and do what Google, Microsoft, Facebook owners have done, by cornering every inch of that niche market, and pushing it in every direction possible and imaginable.

3. Bring Traffic to Your Website

Plain and simple, you can not and will not make sales without traffic or visitors or potential customers coming to look at what you have for sale. And so this is why you see all the advertising being done on your television, online, on your radio, on your local bill boards, in your newspapers and even in the junk mail being sent to you constantly. Because other major business owners know that you can not make any sales unless you market what you have to people. And so internet marketing must become your number one task every single day you wake up, and that means you must reach out into any and all avenues online if you ever expect for your biz website to be successful. So buy traffic or visitors, so market your site in the social medias, so run your site in Sunday newspapers, so use word of mouth, use flyers, use promotions and giveaways, use, use... Whatever you can think of to have people come and take a look at your biz site.

 All about benjamins...

4. Monetizing Your Site

Now when I say monetizing your site, I don't mean put what you have up for sale, because you are already doing that. No what I mean is you must use other mediums that will bring money into your pockets 24 hours a day, whether your items or services are selling or not. Because that is the beauty of having a global business, and it helps you to make money hands over fist. So what you have to do is allow others to sell their products in your website where you can make money off them. You can also allow others to pay you to post and article on your site. Or you can give back links to your popular site and charge for that. Or you can sell subscriptions to people who want to read your research and or reviews about certain hot products. Etc... The sky is the limit.

5. Join Incentive Programs

You have millions of incentive programs online and offline, that will gladly pay you to send people to them, to sell for them, to help them spread the word about their products and services. So look for them online and add them to your biz website.

6. Sell Advertising Space on Your Site

This is a great part of monetizing your website, because if you make it a popular one, then other biz owners will flock to you and ask you if they can advertise on your site and pay you weekly or monthly. And I try to make things easy and explain them at an 8th. Grade level so you could succeed my friend. So with that said, selling advertising space is what you witness on TV every single hour through commercials, or when you are reading a magazine and half of these pages are filled with ads, or you are listening to your favorite radio station and every 4 minutes, there are commercials. So all business owners are buying advertising space online, on television, on the radio, in the newspapers, in magazines and now on your website. And just like the big TV networks do during Superbowl each year, by charging outrageous fees, like a few million dollars for a 30 seconds ad, you too can charge whatever you want just for another biz website to advertise in a small space on  your site. 

So start working on these 6 top things right now to have a successful website, because your pockets, your retirement, your legacy and financial inheritance all depend on it. Your Business Coach, James Dazouloute

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